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Flowering pot plants

We create strong varieties flowering pot plants with high ornamental value and long flower life. Each series has a number of constant unique characteristics, such as suitability for indoor or outdoor use or for a specific climate. We also set ambitious goals for ourselves in our experimental breeding programmes: abundant blooms, long flower life, round plant structure and uniform blooms are the key starting points here.

Added value

Our services go much further than just supplying the seeds. A high quality product is a prerequisite, but not a distinctive quality. For this reason, we work together with the entire chain. In this we put the grower centre stage and we provide support in the form of growing recommendations, and marketing and sales advice.

Our mission

“We are a committed plant breeding company operating worldwide to introduce and market innovative, high quality flowering plants which can be cultivated with minimum environmental impact and which offer a higher cultivation and market return throughout the chain and which make an inspiring contribution to consumer’s living environment and enjoyment.”


Vintro: the true winter Cyclamen

During IPM 2020 we proudly present Cyclamen Super Serie Vintro: our real large-flowered winter Cyclamen! Vintro is a large Cyclamen with large flowers and thick stems. This series is extremely suitable for winter flowering and cold cultivation. Vintro is introduced in 2019/2020. The flowering period of this Cyclamen is: January to March in the Northern… View Article

Meet Cyclamen Super Serie Crayon

Cyclamen Super Serie Crayon will be shown for the first time during the Cyclamen Open Days of Schoneveld Breeding. Crayon is characterized by its unique colour pattern that is reminiscent of a piece of chalk (or crayon). This year Crayon is still pre-introduction and therefore not freely available, the introduction is in 2020/2021. Crayon is… View Article

Ranunculus and Paradiso – Tips for choosing your potting soil

Pot soil choice Sprinkles, Paradiso and Perola Preparations for these crops have started again or are now ready. You have made the planning and discussed this with your suppliers. You now have to make an important choice: “Which potting soil will I take?” The choice depends on your watering system, your potting soil supplier can… View Article

Cyclamen Open Days 2019

From week 43 up to and including week 45, Schoneveld Breeding organizes its annual Cyclamen Open Days. Visitors from all over the world come to the brand new PlantXperience, where they are included in the story of Cyclamen Super Serie. In addition to our Cyclamen range, we show our novelties, new colours and various tests…. View Article

A new look & feel with the familiar DNA

PlantXperience, a brand new company building where everything is literally “under glass”. Visible and transparent. That deserves a new fresh look & feel. Our strength is not only in the DNA of our genetics but also in the passion of our employees, young and old. Together we ensure that only top quality seeds find their… View Article

Sign up for our Cyclamen Open Days 2019

Are you interested in our Cyclamen Open Days (week 43 – 45)? Please leave your details using the form below or contact your contact person at Schoneveld Breeding.

Tips: help Cyclamen through the summer!

Most of this year’s cyclamen have already been potted on. We have put together some tips to help you grow a successful crop. Pest control Climate control in hot conditions Watering, EC and pH control To keep the numbers of insects in and around the greenhouse low, make sure you remove weeds in and around… View Article

Tips to solve the following problems with Ranunculus Cultivation

Last season, several growers in Northern Europe experienced problems with Ranunculus cultivation. These problems were of various natures. Schoneveld Breeding would like to try to tackle these problems together for the coming season, to successfully continue cultivation. Below is an overview of the issues we came across: Yellow leaves Uneven growth Stress-induced flowering Bacteria Pythium… View Article

Primula product range of Schoneveld Breeding

There are several types of primula available in today’s garden centers. Primarily known as a cool season plant, primula is versatile for indoor and outdoor use. With longer shelf life, improved uniformity and a whole range of colors, it is a wonderful addition to a program. Schoneveld Breeding is focused on developing and producing quality… View Article

The first glimpse of our new location!

Check out the first glimpse of our new location!

On display at Flower Trials: Primula Touch Me Mini

Primula Touch Me Mini is a genetically compact pot plant that blooms in the winter period. If you are committed to sustainability, this plant is highly recommended. It is a series that really fits a small pot (9 cm – 10.5 cm) and is complete with 5 colours. Touch Me Mini is at display at… View Article

On display during Flower Trials: Verano Victoria Light Pink

New in the Super Series range: the “Victoria” colour type. This year we are presenting this colour type for the first time at the Flower Trials. Do you want to see this colour “in real life”? Please visit our stand at location: Plantenkwekerij P. van Geest! Victoria is a new colour type within our Super… View Article

On display at Flower Trials: Cyclamen Super Series Djix

Djix is ​​a mini Cyclamen with a special flower shape and in most regions it is marketed in closed chains with the focus on “local-for-local” and “product-market combination”. Available in 2 colours and suitable for small pot sizes. Visit our booth at the Flower Trials and ask about the possibilities! Cyclamen Super Series Djix is… View Article

Brand Story: Cyclamen Super Serie Djix

When autumn arrives, Djix’s stubborn looks will bring color and design to your home. After a long walk in the woods over crackling foliage, back to the warmth and cosiness in your own home. An atmosphere in which Djix provides the temperamental surprise with the special flowers in strong colors. Back to cosiness, comfort in… View Article

Flower Trials 2019

From 11 to 13 June 2019, Schoneveld Breeding will be present with a stand at the Flower Trials in Maasland, Westland region. During this exhibition we are proud to show a large part of our product range and visitors can ask their questions about cultivation or marketing. Below you will find some products that we… View Article