A warm and loving Christmas

A warm and loving Christmas…

Christmas – those special days are approaching fast. In the shops and online too, you can’t miss it now. Lavish shop windows full of ideas and inspiration, some more beautiful than others. I’m still not exactly sure what I’m going to do this year.

Of course I want a Christmas tree, and naturally a real, traditional ordinary Christmas tree. Not a blue spruce, not a Nordmann and not a synthetic tree. The only true Christmas tree for me is the type I remember from my childhood, it’s a cherished tradition. And then there’s the annual dilemma about the colour of the baubles, in red and gold or silver and white?

Candles and lights, lots of lights, and of course, a few Christmas floral decorations. I always enjoyed making these ourselves at Christmas time; another tradition from my childhood – my mother and I would make these together. Every year, come rain or shine, it didn’t matter how much else we had to do, these home-made creations were always part of our Christmas preparations, and they still are now that I decorate my own house.

This year I’ve already decided I’ll make a beautiful and stylish table piece for our Christmas dinner, it may even turn out large and lavish, but perhaps small and delicate will be more appropriate, in any case, I’m going to use cyclamen. I’m going to leave the size to my instinct and feelings at the time.

There are plenty of videos out there to inspire me. Many florists have already photographed examples and published these on their Facebook pages, and that’s where you can find interesting workshops to attend as well. It doesn’t have to be very complicated at all.

When I close my eyes I can imagine my living room decorated for Christmas. In my mind’s eye I can see the festive table set for dinner, with my Christmas china and special wine glasses. I can hear the chat and laughter of all the children with their partners; even though they’re grown up now, they’re enjoying a game together. And in the background, some Christmas carols playing softly.

The layers of luxurious chocolates and sweets on the étagère are disappearing fast…Everything exudes warmth and love…

I can see it clearly. I can’t wait to decorate my house nice for this special Christmas time. All that remains is to decide on the colours: red, gold, silver or white?

I wish all you a happy, warm and loving Christmas…


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