Ask for the results of our Retail mixes during Cyclamen Open Days 2019

In the run-up to the Cyclamen Open Days we tested 6 Retail mixes. These mixes consist of the Verano, Carino and Allure series and are composed based on matching colours and growth and flowering speed. You can ask about the results during your visit to our Cyclamen Open Days.

The Cyclamen Open Days are planned for weeks 43 to 45, a small mix composition (Verano and Carino) is visible in the greenhouse.

The advantage of a retail mix

Retail mixes are very suitable for growers who deliver large quantities of Cyclamen to the retailer in a specific period, whereby it is preferable that as many Cyclamen as possible can be collected at the same time. All our mixes are composed based on matching colours and growth and flowering speed.

About Cyclamen Super Serie

Cyclamen Super Serie is our umbrella brand for Cyclamen persicum. Super Serie is characterized by; a round plant structure, sturdy / centrally positioned flower stems and uniform growth / flowering.

In the 2019-2020 season, Super Serie consists of 19 different series, which means we can provide all common pot sizes from 6 cm (2.5 “) to 17 cm (8”). Our genetics is also suitable for multiple flowering periods, we have various options from July to March (year round in the USA). You can choose many colours, silver leaves or green leaves and various flower shapes.

“More value by Super Serie”!

Besides Cyclamen Super Series, Schoneveld Breeding has the following products in its assortment: Primula Touch Me, Primula Paradiso, Primula Perola, Ranunculus Sprinkles and Campanula Florentes.

Are you interested and do you want to visit our Cyclamen Open Days? Then please leave your details via the form below!

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