Purchase GA-box increases reliability of usables

When delivering flower seeds, it is very important that the customer knows what percentage of the seeds gives usable plants. Until recently, this so called usable was determined manually. With the purchase of the GA-box from AgriData Innovations, that belongs to the past. By automating the process, the usable is now even more reliable. Subjective… View Article

Everything is better if you know the story…

It’s that time of year again when cyclamen are in plenty supply. Cyclamen in all shapes and sizes, colours and varieties. Not just different flower shapes, but also different types of leaves. Smooth or silver leaves, fringed or double flowers, and too many shapes and sizes to mention. Because I work for a breeder of… View Article

MORE of a good thing…

A sunny day in late August. After fighting heavy traffic, I arrive in picturesque ’s Gravenzande much later than planned. I find Bert & Ada van der Meer’s place of business flush against the dunes. They used to run their own horticultural enterprise together, but they sold it in 2008. After various totally different jobs,… View Article

The Flower Trials are invigorating

You can’t possibly have missed it. This week it’s the Flower Trials where plant breeders exhibit their product range and any new concepts. Today it was my turn; off to Westland, together with a colleague. As soon as we arrived on FloraHolland’s rooftop car park, we heard that it was busy and that was no… View Article

A warm and loving Christmas

A warm and loving Christmas… Christmas – those special days are approaching fast. In the shops and online too, you can’t miss it now. Lavish shop windows full of ideas and inspiration, some more beautiful than others. I’m still not exactly sure what I’m going to do this year. Of course I want a Christmas tree, and naturally… View Article

Unknown stories

With the Christmas and New Year celebrations behind us, we’ve had the time to look back on what the past year gave us. It’s good to reflect and be grateful for what we’ve achieved.  At this time of year, it is good to contemplate, to make time for this. In our current society we are often in… View Article

Vintage Pricanto

A few years ago I saw her outside, on the patio at work. There were three of them in a low planter. And I had to look twice because I didn’t recognise the plants, not yet, at least. But they were so beautiful! They reminded me of some traditional hydrangeas, of which the blooms become more beautiful as… View Article

Your own style, just a little different

Summer is almost over, and once again I’ll be spending more time indoors than in the garden. I’m sitting in the living room, I look around and get the fidgets…. that painting has been there a long time, and the room could do with a bit of freshening up. In a while, when autumn comes,… View Article

Summer evenings with cyclamen

I’m sitting in the garden, enjoying the summer evening, it’s not so hot and sultry any more, but still very pleasant. Feet up on the table, not very lady-like, I know, glass of wine, and I’ve already got the candles ready for when the light begins to fade. Sounds carry far in the early evening,… View Article