Brand Story: Cyclamen Super Serie Djix

This is Djix

When autumn arrives, Djix’s stubborn looks will bring color and design to your home. After a long walk in the woods over crackling foliage, back to the warmth and cosiness in your own home. An atmosphere in which Djix provides the temperamental surprise with the special flowers in strong colors. Back to cosiness, comfort in your own world in a prelude to the coming winter and holidays. No dip after the summer but energetically through the autumn!

‘Djix’ The name ‘Djix’ breathes perky energy. Maybe a bit rebellious and even with a dark twist, but everything with a firm wink. ‘Djix’ sounds strong and elegant, but above all; different than usual!

Your favorite Djix is a Cyclamen that stands out because of its special and distinctive flower shape; the striking sepal in a contrasting color creates a playful effect. With an intense and powerful color that suits you completely. A beautifull pot – you can choose any design you wish – ensures Djix will be the finisching touch in your interior.

Get Djix into your home Djix brings atmosphere in every living room. The plant has a full foliage, which is a promise for the future. Because every green leaf makes for a beautiful perky flower. Look under the green leaves to discover how many buds are coming. The number will surprise you gladly!

With a dose of love and a little attention (and a foot bath once or twice a week), Djix will remain the perky little plant in your home for weeks.


In a time of hardening and chaos, the consumer himself is looking for ways to make a difference and create comfort in their immediate environment. We are looking for a living space that is special and at the same time familiar. When choosing plants will look at specific, innovative forms in the plant world. Cyclamen DJIX connects to that with the surprising flower shape. It is different than usual and may not even be recognizable as cyclamen.

Also by living more consciously and choosing for reuse but especially by choosing new products and applications for existing goods, consumers try to keep the reins in their hands.

Source: Trend analyst Aafje Nijman – Style Trends 2018

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