Campanula unrooted cuttings available NOW

Schoneveld Breeding has two Campanula cultivars in their assortment from cuttings, namely our Campanula Ambella and our Campanula Adansa.

Campanula Ambella (Campanula Portenschlagiana)

These plants have a pleasing round plantshape and an abundance of bell-shaped flowers that bloom from early spring through late summer. Due to the sturdy, compact habit little to no growth regulators are needed for these plants. Ambella is hardy and makes an excellent outdoor plant, however it thrives also very well in  a pot indoors. This plant is terrific in 4-inch pots through gallon containers. Two colors are available Intense Purple (formerly named Dark Blue) and White. It is hardy to zones 5 through 9.

Campanula Adansa (Campanula Poscharskyana)

Just like Ambella, Adansa is a very strong plant. This more informal campanula has long stems and star-shaped flowers. The flowering period is the same as Ambella, from Spring till late Summer.  Campanula Adansa has long bloom-covered tendrils, making it a perfect for hanging baskets or containers. With its sturdy habit, it is also great in the landscape. Recommended pot size is 4 inch to 10 inch. Adansa is available in three colors: Purple, Pink and White. It is hardy to zones 4 through 9.

Our unrooted cuttings are produced at our farm in Tanzania and shipped to our customers in US/Canadian market. It is now the time to order….we have Campanula URC available from week 32 till week 52. If you are interested in receiving URC or rooted liners, please contact your broker and/or rooting station. They have access to our up-to date availability list.

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