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Illusia wins New Plant Award for Flowering Houseplants 2024

Golden award at the HTA National Plant Show 2024 for ‘Illusia’ – Nature’s Magic!

New variety Illusia wins New Plant Award for Flowering Houseplants 2024 Schoneveld Breeding is proud to announce that their latest innovation, Illusia, has been awarded the prestigious New Plant Award for Flowering Houseplants at the HTA National Plant Show 2024. This accolade recognizes Illusia as one of the most innovative and exceptional plant varieties introduced… View Article
Breeder Sadrach Talahatu with Illusia

Illusia wonders with astonishing looks

Sometimes your ‘breeders eye’ sees something and you know: this is something very special. For breeder Sadrach Talahatu and his colleagues, that happened when their eyes were caught by a unique flower display. ‘As a team, we immediately asked ourselves: how can we turn this into a product that amazes everyone?’ That question resulted in… View Article
Joybera at FlowerTrials

Visit Breeders Avenue during FlowerTrials

The excitement is building up for FlowerTrials® 2024! At Breeders Avenue you can expect innovations you have never seen before. Schoneveld Breeding is expanding the product range with NEW products. Below you can find 5 reasons why to visit. Illusia F1 Illusia F1 is launched, the unique flower shape makes this a very striking and… View Article

The extraordinary story of Super Serie Fusion Midi

Schoneveld Breeding’s attractive Super Serie Fusion Cyclamen are taking over an increasing share of the market. While Super Serie Fusion Large seeds first became available two years ago, it is now the turn of its smaller sister, Super Serie Fusion Midi, to conquer hearts. Niels Zoetelief, commercial director of Schoneveld Breeding, praises this second product… View Article

Super Serie Elegante, the little sister of powerhouse Leopardo

The success of Super Serie Leopardo, Schoneveld Breeding’s heat-tolerant, large-flowered Cyclamen, does not stand alone. The heat-tolerant series of Cyclamen has a strong midi that is now taking over the world: Super Serie Elegante. Gerard Zwiers, head of breeding at Schoneveld Breeding, explains more about the creation of this little sister of Leopardo. “For some… View Article

Cultivating a sustainable future

Rather than sustainability, Peter van de Pol, director of breeding company Schoneveld Breeding, would like to use the word durability. “When you speak about durability, you talk about the future. For growers, for the planet and for next generations.” Peter van de Pol has an intrinsic motivation to leave the world a better place. Durability… View Article
Jerry holding Gerbera Joybera

New standard in Gerberas great success

It’s new, it’s fresh, it’s Joybera! In search of the new standard in Gerbera, we developed a uniform, long-lasting plant with particularly abundant, brightly coloured flowers. Area manager Jerry van der Spek, responsible for customers in South America, is very proud of the result.  “The Gerbera has had a bad image for many years. Growers… View Article
Herbert at Primula acaulis Paradiso

Dedicated knowledge partner helps achieve maximum performance

The culmination of dedication, that is the role of growing supporter Herbert van Gijtenbeek at Schoneveld Breeding. When he was a child, he was always busy with seeds and plants, now it is his daily work. “I stand next to a grower; I partner with them and help them look to the future. All to… View Article
Super Serie Fusion Large inside

Super Serie Fusion: a decade full of development 

Super Serie Fusion is a remarkable addition to the assortment of Schoneveld Breeding. As the first large-flowered Cyclamen with two-toned leaves, it is a novelty in the market. A strong product that evolved from the genetics of the well-known Super Series from Schoneveld Breeding.  Development  The story of Super Serie Large starts in Japan, where… View Article
Portret Gerard Zwiers between Super Serie Fusion Large Cyclamen

Craftsmanship and continuous development as a recipe for success

Breeding is part of a complex process. Gerard Zwiers, head of breeding at Schoneveld Breeding, knows that as a fact. He leads a team of experts which is responsible for development and innovations in the assortment of the Dutch breeder. “Breeding is a long-term process. As a breeder, you have a unique perspective on plants.”… View Article