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Quickly informed with short FlowerTrials video

The FlowerTrials are completely online this year. We would love to show you as much as possible via video’s, webinars and digital tours. But we also understand that you do not want to be attached to a screen all day. That is why we have a short video that gives a little look behind the… View Article
Open Days acaulis

Primula Paradiso & Perola Open Days 2021

During our Open Days we like to show you our assortment in Primula acaulis Paradiso and Primula polyanthus Perola. We also show the latest developments.

Schoneveld Breeding and Beekenkamp Plants follow the trend of upscaling and chain shortening

Beekenkamp Plants has taken a minority share in Schoneveld Breeding. Both companies continue to operate independently in the field of breeding, production and sales. They see joint opportunities in exchanging knowledge of innovative breeding techniques and research.

The Cyclamen Open Days 2020 are now finished

When we organized the Cyclamen Open Days 2020, we knew we had to do it differently from other years. Due to the corona measures, the current version could not continue. Instead of receiving as many people as possible in our greenhouses, we went digital this year.

Cyclamen Open Days 2020 are coming up

Good News! It’s that time again: the Cyclamen Open Days 2020! In Week 43, 44 and 45 we would like to show you what we have been working on.

We will bring the Flower Trials to you!

Due to COVID-19, the Flower Trials has been canceled and we are not able to meet you personally to show our product range. Welcome to our digital Flower Trials. Discover some highlights of our Cyclamen range below. In this video our colleague Huub briefly explains something about:  Cyclamen Super Serie Crayon – NEW Cyclamen Super… View Article

Growing Cyclamen under high light levels

During periods with high light levels there is an aspect of the culture of Cyclamen that is underestimated: The temperature of the leaves of Cyclamen What is the situation of plants that are active and in a normal lightlevel? The leaf temperature is at a level just below the air temperature. This is the result… View Article

Growing tips for transplanting Cyclamen May 2020

After the bedding plant season many Cyclamen plants are being planted. Below is a list of topics for review when potting your cyclamen. Growing Area Water quality Insects Greenhouse climate Soil Media Plant height after potting  Watering Fertilization Clean and disinfect growing area.It is always wise to start with a clean and disinfected growing area…. View Article

Who is who supporting You

We are there for you, also in these complicated times Here at Schoneveld we work to bring our customers the entire package. Our service does not end at breeding and delivering high quality seeds. It is also about the service after the sale and the support our team provides with scheduling and technical advice. To… View Article

Mid Februari: Colourful news from China

A number of our products are currently flowering in China, including Primula obconica Touch Me and Ranunculus asiaticus Sprinkles. We received these beautiful photos: