Growers’ association Addenda

Growers’ association Addenda consists of pot plant growers who grow high quality Addenda end products such as Campanula Florentes Ambella and Campanula Florentes Adansa.

Schoneveld breeding breeds the genetics of these products, Addenda takes care of the production, sales and marketing of these products in Europe.

The aim of the collaboration is to improve and strengthen the market position and the profitability of the growers of Growers Association Addenda and Schoneveld breeding in the long term. This is done through joint efforts in the areas of product development, cultivation supervision, propagation, marketing and purchasing.

Campanula Portenschlagiana

Growers Association Touch Me +

Working together in the chain to eventually develop a unique product into a premium brand. That is the main objective of Growers Association Touch Me +.

Primula Touch Me is a unique, primin free primula obconica with an excellent image. To safeguard that image and further deepen the quality of the Touch Me, eight growers, two young plant suppliers and breeder Schoneveld breeding work together.

The growers’ association determines a number of criteria in the short term that the Touch Me must meet, for example, plant habit and shelf life. These agreements must result in a uniform end product, which is also chain-proof for all segments, distinctive and reliable for the consumer.

Breeding Accel

Breeding Accel is a breeding platform founded by four floricultural breeders, leading companies in the ornamental horticulture trade: KP Holland, Interplant Roses, Schoneveld Breeding and Sion Young Plants.

These independent family businesses are establishing Breeding Accel, an innovative knowledge platform that unites the expertise and research capacity of the individual companies. Its objective is to reduce the time to market, invest jointly in the latest breeding technologies, and exchange knowledge.