Cyclamen Open Days 2019

Cyclamen Open Days 2019

From week 43 up to and including week 45, Schoneveld Breeding organizes its annual Cyclamen Open Days. Visitors from all over the world come to the brand new PlantXperience, where they are included in the story of Cyclamen Super Serie. In addition to our Cyclamen range, we show our novelties, new colours and various tests. Visitors can also compare our genetics with competing genetics.

Novelties, new colours and new concepts

This year Super Serie Crayon is on the tables for the first time. Crayon is a new series within Super Serie and is characterized by a special colour pattern, this pattern reminds us of pinstripes. Crayon contains Verano genetics and therefore has the same specifications as Verano. Crayon is still pre-introduction this year.

Verano Victoria Light Pink

On the table you will also find Verano Victoria Light Pink, a new colour with Victoria characteristics: a slightly serrated edge in combination with the coloured eye. Victoria Light Pink was also on display during Flower Trials 2019.

Cyclamen Super Serie Djix

If you visit us, feel free to ask about Super Serie Djix. Djix is ​​a Cyclamen with Carino properties and has a unique flower shape, it is the only Mini Cyclamen with this kind of flower shape. This series has limited availability in most countries because this product comes on the market in “closed chains”. If interested, always ask about the possibilities in your country. This does not apply to North America, Djix is ​​freely available here.

New applications

This year we also present new applications: 2-colour-in-1 pot and 3-colour-in-1 pot. Cyclamen of the series: Verano, Carino, Allure and Rembrandt are placed in the same pot with multiple colours. The colour combinations are based on the flowering speed / uniformity and form the perfect match in terms of colours.

Tour at our PlantXperience

We are very proud of our PlantXperience, the brand new location where innovation, inspiration and education are central. That is why we would like to give all Cyclamen Open Days and Retail Week visitors a tour. We are happy to show you around our new building and show you our greenhouses and our innovative watering system … you ask, we show!

Fertilization test, potting soil test, growth regulator test and comparisons with competing genetics

In addition to the product range, we also have various tests and comparisons on our tables. Our colleagues will tell you everything about our fertilization test, potting soil test and growth regulator test. As you are used to from our Cyclamen Open Days, we also have a table with competitive genetics. You can critically review the different series and compare them for features that are important to you.

Also for Trade and Retail!

We invite all growers, trade / export and retail to visit our Cyclamen Open Days with their network. Especially for these visitors, we adjust the presentation of our range, so that we also meet their needs. Think of special inspiration and the imitation of store presentations.

We also like to give these relations a tour through our new PlantXperience and to give them more background information about the production of Cyclamen.

Primula obconica Touch Me / Sweet Kisses also on display

From week 43 up to and including week 45 we also have Primula obconica Touch Me in bloom. We would like to take this opportunity to also present these products to you.

 A concept has been developed especially for Trade and Retail under the name “Sweet Kisses”. High turnover speed, impulse purchases and good shelf efficiency are central to Sweet Kisses, therefore POS material is also available.

In the Netherlands, Primula obconica Touch Me is produced exclusively by the growers of the Growers Association Touch Me +. Sweet Kisses is exclusively available in Europe at the growers of Growers Association Touch Me +.

Are you interested and do you want to visit our Cyclamen Open Days? Then please leave your details via the form below!

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