Cyclamen Open Days 2022

Enter the sea of colors of Schoneveld Breeding. During the annual Cyclamen Open Days from 24th of October until 11th of November, you are more than welcome for a visit. We love to show you the products in our assortment.

Cold tolerant crops To keep production costs as low as possible in these times of rising energy prices, it is smart to choose for products that are developed for production in the cold season. Our breeders developed crops that perform very well in colder and darker circumstances. They require low energy input and still deliver excellent quality. Take a look at the Super Serie Mini Winter, Picasso, Macro and Vintro. You will be amazed by their performance. Our growing supporters are happy to support you with the appropriate production protocol.

Super Serie Fusion We also love to show you our Super Serie Fusion. This large-flowered Cyclamen with extraordinary color type is developed out of the outstanding Super Serie genetics. The overflowing pattern of different colors makes Fusion a special attraction. We start the series with Fusion Large Neon Pink, a product that is not available for sales yet. It is pre-commercial, the first samples are in limited amounts available. Please contact your area manager for more information. Make sure you get to meet this new, extraordinary Cyclamen during your visit.

Super Serie Leopardo Of course Super Serie Leopardo is present again. This large-flowered, heat tolerant Cyclamen with no more than 7 colors, is a household name among growers around the globe. Leopardo is easy to grow under warm circumstances. The stress tolerant powerhouse has a relatively short production time and is famous worldwide for its strong characteristics. Stress tolerant means, Leopardo can also be produced in cooler climates.

More information The Cyclamen Open Days 2022 take place in our greenhouses in Wilp during weeks 43, 44 and 45. Do you want to attend, then please contact your area manager or growing supporter for an appointment. We like to take time for you both online and offline.

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