Cyclamen Super Serie Compact

Compact is unique. The plant quality is indisputable, and the tremendous number of blooms captures the imagination. The first Fuji colours were available in the Compact series. There’s a special effect in the tips of the blooms, they fade out to white: just like the snow-covered tip of Mount Fuji! This colour was first discovered by Japanese cyclamen breeders – so it just had to be named after Japan’s famous mountain.

About Super Serie Compact

  • Species: Cyclamen persicum
  • Pot sizes: 9 – 10,5 cm / 3.5″ – 4″
  • Blooming period (Northern Hemisphere): April– October
  • Blooming period (Southern Hemisphere): October – April


  • Summer and/or winter flowering
  • High flower count
  • Unique spherical shape

Available colours