Cyclamen midi- Super Serie Elegante F1

Super Serie Elegante F1 is a compact Cyclamen midi serie. It is member of our heat tolerant family. Super Serie Leopardo’s little sister has smaller leaves and flowers compared to Cyclamen Super Serie Allure F1, it has also more leaves than Super Serie Allure F1. Super Serie Elegante F1 is developed specially for warm and hot regions where it doesn’t suffer from delayed flowering and exhibits good plant performance.

  • Early flowering
  • Heat tolerant
  • Extremely uniform
  • Abundant flowering
The heat tolerant Cyclamen midi Super Serie Elegante indoor

The #1 heat tolerant midi type Cyclamen

Cold climate specifications

  • Potsize: 10,5 – 12cm / 4 – 4,5″
  • Plants per m2: 16 – 20
  • Plants per Sq ft: 1,5 – 2
  • Sowing – flowering: 24 – 25 weeks

Warm climate specifications

  • Potsize: 12 – 13cm / 4,5 -5″
  • Plants per m2: 12 – 16
  • Plants per sq ft: 1,25 – 1,5
  • Sowing – flowering: 25 – 27 weeks

Super Serie Elegante F1 doesn’t require spacing for the first 8 weeks. After that, you will find lots of flowers at once. This abundant flowering shows the true flower power of Super Serie Elegante F1. It has a slightly open structure which ensures a certain level of protection against diseases. All in all, Super Serie Elegante is very sustainable and easy to grow.

Available in 7 colours

Trail Cyclamen Super Serie Elegante F1

The heat tolerant Super Serie Elegante F1 is available in several colours. If you would like to trial Super Serie Elegante F1, or bring it into your program/assortment. You can contact your Area manager for availability.