Cyclamen Super Serie Mini Winter

As its name suggests, this cyclamen is designed to thrive in a cooler and somewhat damper climate. Mini Winter’s open plant structure makes it better able to cope with changeable weather conditions, so it also does well outdoors. Together with Verano and Carino, Mini Winter forms a perfect trio: retailers can now include a mini cyclamen in their assortment from summer to winter!

About Super Serie Mini Winter

  • Species: Cyclamen persicum
  • Pot sizes: 9 – 12 cm / 3.5″ – 5″
  • Blooming period (Northern Hemisphere): December – March
  • Blooming period (Southern Hemisphere): June – October


  • Late autumn/winter flowering
  • More open plant structure
  • Less sensitive to Botrytis
  • Potential to produce with low energie input, high quality output

Available colours