Cyclamen Super Serie Petticoat

This playful little cyclamen lives up to its name by being just a bit more fringed. The flower doesn’t point upwards, the petals hang down. It’s definitely an eye- catcher because on a pedestal or in a hanging basket, it’s magnificent! Then you can easily see just how beautiful the inner part of the flower is.

About Super Serie Petticoat

  • Species: Cyclamen persicum
  • Available Colours: 6
  • Pot sizes: 9 – 12 cm / 3.5″ – 5″
  • Blooming period (Northern Hemisphere): April– October
  • Blooming period (Southern Hemisphere): October – April


  • Reversed flower shape with petals hanging downward
  • Great for hanging basket
  • Unique
  • Excellent shelf life

Available colours