Gerbera Joybera

The most amazing colours shine to you with the new Gerbera called Joybera. We added this amazing Gerbera jamesonii to our assortment. The series starts off with 8 colours. We love to take you along through this new series to get the chance to learn more about this product. 

Gerbera Joybera is developed with the usual carefulness you know of Schoneveld Breeding. Our breeders tested all available colours on aspects like usable and uniformity. The result is 8 stunning colours with amazing features. We are sure we can call Joybera the #1 most uniform Gerbera in growing and flowering. The plant gives 3 flowers immediately from the first flowering. And when talking about the shelf life, customers can be sure of a long time of joy. 

  • Potsize 12 -15 cm
  • #1 Most uniform in growing & flowering 
  • 3 flowers @first shot  
  • Amazing shelf life 
Joybera colour overview

Trial seeds

Want to test Gerbera Joybera? Get in touch with your area manager or growing supporter to find out what fits your situation best.