Highlights of the Cyclamen Open Days 2021

Doesn’t time fly! The Cyclamen Open Days 2021 are over. This year we welcomed lots of visitors in person and also ran a number of virtual tours. It was great to be able to talk to everyone again and show them our product range. We had so much to show! Our front yard was beautifully laid out, with inspiration galore for wonderful arrangements with Cyclamen. We also featured a number of new colours and improvements in our Super Serie inside the greenhouses.

cyclamen open days 2021 guided tour

And of course there was once again plenty of room for our Super Serie Leopardo. Leopardo first came onto the market in 2020, and this large-flowered, heat-tolerant Cyclamen was very well received worldwide right from the start. The selection and development work on this newcomer took place in Israel. Compared with other large-flowered Cyclamen, Leopardo has extremely good heat resistance. Its open, round structure also contributes to its well-deserved image as a true powerhouse. This year we have added a new colour to the series: Leopardo Pink with Eye. This brings the total number of colours of this popular plant to no less than seven.

Verano is an old Super Serie favourite. This easy-to-grow Cyclamen has been a worldwide success for many decades. An early bloomer, Verano is suitable for summer use and has a uniform structure. That’s nothing new, of course, but even this familiar face still undergoes constant development. This season we have improved two colours: Red and Violet Flamed. There are also two new Victoria colours: Victoria White with Eye and Victoria Pink. Verano Victoria is now available in three colours. Victoria flowers are extra special. The slightly serrated edges stand out superbly, particularly in combination with the flaming eye in the centre.

There was also plenty to see for fans of the Super Serie Crayon. This Cyclamen flowered in two new colours during the Cyclamen Open Days. Crayon Violet and Pink are new in the range and bring the series to a total of four colours. The ideal flowering time of this special Cyclamen is from early September. Crayon is a true eye-catcher, with a unique flower pattern that, as the name suggests, is reminiscent of a pinstripe. There is no other Cyclamen like it on the market.

cyclamen open days 2021 guided tour 2

Growers looking for a series suitable for the autumn couldn’t fail to notice Carino. We have improved four colours in this product line: Neon Pink, Dark Violet, Wine Red and Fuji Wine Red. As a result, the series now grows even more consistently. With its more open plant structure, Super Serie Carino is ideal for flowering in autumn. And outdoors? It’s perfectly happy there, too.

Best for Outdoor
Besides Carino, there are several other Cyclamen that can be planted outdoors. The Super Serie features products from four lines that are suitable for outdoor use. Following extensive testing, several colours of Verano, Donatello, Carino and Picasso have been selected for our Best for Outdoor quality mark. Many consumers aren’t aware of the numerous ways Cyclamen can be used outdoors. To communicate this more clearly, we work closely together with Royal Flora Holland, Cyclamen breeders and Dutch growers to promote the Cyclamen for outdoor use more. But also indoor use is mentioned in this as well. Consumers can find plenty of inspiration on how to get the most out of Cyclamen on the website.

Does all this information whet your appetite for more? As always, we have made an aftermovie that takes you through the highlights of the Cyclamen Open Days 2021. It’s a great way to get to know us and find out more about this annual event. Or if you dropped by in person, why not refresh your memory of all the wonderful things you saw! Watch the aftermovie by clicking the button below.

Naturally, there’s so much more we’d like to tell you about our Cyclamen. Would you like to find out more about us or our product range? Then let’s talk! Simply get in touch with your area manager to make an appointment.

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