How we create added value through breeding #morevaluebybreeding

In the 1970s, every week Patty Schoneveld went by truck to his customers. The plants with the best flowering richness were often the fastest sold. Patty understood the needs of the market and started selecting the best plants in advance. With this in mind, we started breeding.

In 1992 this process resulted in the birth of our Super Serie with Super Serie Original! The Original is still legendary because of its large amount of flowers, sometimes more than 165 per plant.

Flowering richness was still a distinguishing factor in the 70s, but in 2019 it is only a basic condition. Because of today’s market needs, we now also focus on sustainability in breeding.

More value by #superserie

Super Serie currently consists of 19 different series. We have these series for a purpose, with each series we respond to one or more customer needs. Just like in the 70s, “market thinking” is still central to our breeding.

As a result of this market thinking, with 19 series we can provide all common pot sizes from 6 cm (2.5 “) up to and including 17 cm (8”), there is a choice of many colours, silver-coloured leaves or green leaves and we have various flower shapes.

Nowadays we also opt more often for an inclusiveness strategy in which we work with chain partners to market our products in a targeted manner, with the aim of achieving a better price for all parties.

Vintro, the true large-flowered Winter cyclamen

This season the Super Serie range has been expanded with Vintro. With Vintro we have developed a new large-flowered winter cyclamen suitable for flowering from December to March.

With the Mini Winter and Macro series, we already had a range that performs well under colder and dark conditions for small and medium-sized flowers. With the introduction of Vintro we have achieved a new breakthrough in the field of large-flowered winter cyclamen.

Vintro has a good sturdy plant habit, large flowers and is also less sensitive to Botrytis. Cyclamen Super Series Vintro is officially introduced during IPM 2020. #winterquality

Speed up breeding

The introduction of a new series is preceded by a long process of breeding, selection and testing. The process of classical breeding can take up to 10 years. Where we previously used breeding based on appearance, we are now applying new breeding techniques in our breeding process, whereby we select based on DNA, among other things.

In the near future we are guaranteed to make a quality improvement, as a result of which our uniformity will be even better and chain partners will have access to our new products even faster! #timetomarket

Do you want to know how we create added value for you? Or do you want to meet our novelties: Vintro, Djix and Verano Victoria? Visit us at IPM: Hall 2 B17!

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