Hybrid Open Days Primula Paradiso, Primula obconica Touch Me and Ranunculus Sprinkles

When the days are short, Primula and Ranunculus bring colour in our daily life. The cheerful flowers of these strong winter and spring bloomers cheer up every day. During our annual Open Days for Primula Paradiso, Primula obconica Touch Me and Ranunculus Sprinkles  we show you our newest developments for the coming season. You are welcome from the 17th of January 2022. You can visit us live in our greenhouses to see how our seeds develop to beautiful plants. If it is not possible to participate live, than we would like to keep you informed digitally.

More value by Paradiso
Open days week 3 & 4

Primula Paradiso is the rising star in Primula acaulis. This acaulis is reliable and easy to grow.  The compact shape, minimum need for growth regulators and very good shelf life make Paradiso the greenest choice. A futureproof product. In Paradiso Mid you find two improved colours: Yellow and White. Besides that, we add the colour Lemon to the series.

More value by Touch Me
Open days week 6 & 7

Primula obconica Touch Me is known for its abundant colouring flowers. The plants are all primin free, which makes them even more attractive to use indoors. The plant all flower abundant and have an uniform plant shape. Besides that they all have an excellent shelf life. We improved a few colours: Touch Me Midi Dark Orange and Touch Me Large Magenta and Pink.

More value by Sprinkles
Open days week  12, 13 & 14

Ranunculus Sprinkles are perfect plants to start the season colourful. They flower at low temperatures and are very suitable for use directly after the last cold winter nights. Our series are known for their abundant flowering and minimum need for growth regulators. Combine this with the uniform flowering, strong stems, fine leaf structure and bright colours. Then you have the Ranunculus Sprinkles: a cheerful bloomer in spring.

More information and apply
You can apply for visiting our Open Days via your area manager of growing supporter.

Is it not possible to attend live? We love to serve you online. You can visit our open days digitally. Our growing supporter Nico shows all products in an informative video. Besides that, we offer an overview of all products and colours in pictures. In this way, you can always check out everything we can offer you.

Would you like more information about our products, you can download our brochure.

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