Golden award at the HTA National Plant Show 2024 for ‘Illusia’ – Nature’s Magic!

New variety Illusia wins New Plant Award for Flowering Houseplants 2024

Schoneveld Breeding is proud to announce that their latest innovation, Illusia, has been awarded the prestigious New Plant Award for Flowering Houseplants at the HTA National Plant Show 2024. This accolade recognizes Illusia as one of the most innovative and exceptional plant varieties introduced to the market this year.

The HTA National Plant Show is renowned for showcasing excellence in the horticultural industry. The New Plant Awards highlight outstanding qualities in new plant varieties, with over 99 entries competing across seven categories this year. Illusia emerged victorious in the Flowering Houseplants category, a testament to its unique and captivating features.

Pushing the boundaries of Horticulture

Schoneveld Breeding has once again demonstrated their expertise in pushing the boundaries of biology. Breeder Sadrach Talahatu and his team were immediately captivated by Illusia’s unique flower display. “Sometimes your ‘breeder’s eye’ sees something special, and you know it has immense potential,” said Talahatu. The team’s dedication resulted in the creation of Illusia, a plant that truly amazes.

A show-stopping presentation

Profitplant BV proudly presented Illusia at the National Plant Show 2024. “Anyone who saw Illusia for the first time was immediately amazed,” said Stefan van der Dussen of Profitplant BV. The plant’s presentation, in a printed pot with a label, drew many “oohs” and “aahs” from attendees, leading to numerous inquiries about its availability and origin.

Acclaim from Industry Experts

Pippa Greenwood, HTA Horticulture Manager, praised Illusia, stating, “This is a fantastic new plant, quite unlike any the judges had seen before. With serious impact and a definite ‘Wow!’ factor, I’m sure this will be a great success in garden centers and well-loved by the public too.”

Emma Allen, Head of Horticultural Relations at the Royal Horticultural Society, also lauded Illusia, saying, “I’ve never seen a plant like it – such large inverted flowers, with bearded/double petals, incredible flower power – a most exciting plant.”

A bright future for Illusia

The overwhelming response to Illusia at the HTA National Plant Show indicates its potential in the UK market and beyond. “The response shows us the potential of Illusia within the UK market and the rest of the world,” said Dinja Lankhorst, Area Manager North & Central Europe for Schoneveld Breeding. “We are 100% confident in a successful introduction and positioning in the market.”

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