Schoneveld breeding is keen to invest in its future employees. We therefore offer internships and final project opportunities in various fields, at differing levels, within our various departments and locations.

For students in vocational training (vmbo), we can usually offer practical work experience during which you can learn the whole process from seed to seed.
For students in senior secondary vocational education (mbo) and for 1st and 2nd year university of applied sciences students, we generally offer internships during which the students gain practical experience of our processes and learn more about the Schoneveld Breeding organisation. These are often general internships where the main aim is to learn a number of basic skills. We almost always have opportunities for this type of internship. For 3rd and 4th year students at senior secondary vocational level, as well as university students looking for final projects for their bachelor’s and master’s we have specific internship opportunities during which more in-depth work and independence is expected. For the learning process we consider it important that the trainee can see results of the work that they do, and that the trainee has the opportunity to make adjustments where appropriate. We therefore endeavour to define internships with a clear starting point and final goal and according to the time available.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Our telephone number is +31 571 27 17 17, but you can also send an e-mail to

At this moment we have no vacancies.