The Cyclamen Open Days 2020 are now finished

When we organized the Cyclamen Open Days 2020, we knew we had to do it differently from other years. Due to the corona measures, the current version could not continue. Instead of receiving as many people as possible in our greenhouses, we went digital this year.

Lots of tours
All in all, we were still able to tour seventy visitors through the greenhouses, taking into account all measures against COVID-19. We supplemented this with digital guided tours, in which approximately 100 international guests took part. All in all, we managed to reach more people than usual with a tailor-made tour.

Ton Koers giving a tour with a Leopardo mouth mask

  The name says it all, our Cyclamen had a leading role. The new large-flowered Cyclamen Super Series Leopardo in particular was in the spotlight. Not for nothing, this heat tolerant powerhouse is easy to grow, flowers early in the season and is introdued in six colors. The Leopardo means that a mini, midi or large-flowered Cyclamen from Schoneveld Breeding is now available all year round, anywhere in the world.

More news
  Besides the Leopardo, we were able to show even more. The Super Serie Crayon, for example, was featured extensively during the tours. This new mini Cyclamen has a unique flower pattern that is reminiscent of a pinstripe. For outdoor use, we have created the Best for Outdoor quality label. There are currently four Cyclamen Super Series in which a selection of colors can bear the Best for Outdoor quality mark, namely Super Serie Verano, Super Serie Donatello, Super Serie Carino and Super Serie Picasso.

Our full Super Serie range is now available for viewing

We have made videos of all our products showing the highlights and unique features. From now on our products can also be viewed in moving images and we are proud of that! Take a look at the playlist and discover what Schoneveld Breeding has to offer.

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