Why you really need to visit Schoneveld during the Flower Trials

During the Flower Trials, from 13th till 16th of June 2017, you can find Schoneveld Breeding at the Monsterkas. Because you are a grower, we recommend you to visit us. This year, we present our novelties and you have the perfect opportunity to ask questions or to make an appointment with our specialists. As a grower, you are very important to us and we would like to support your business wherever possible! Not just for product information, we would also like to think with you about growing advise, sales support and marketing support.

Who will be present at the Monsterkas?

In the Monsterkas you will find a broad variety of specialists from Schoneveld Breeding. These specialists can answer all your questions in the field of: our genetics, growing advice, sales advice, marketing, social media, product market combinations and how to apply film or graphic design for the promotion of your company. Our region managers from Italy and the United States will be present of course and you can also ask questions about other countries. The team of Schoneveld would like to contribute to the improvement of your company results, that’s why we recommend you to use our knowledge. Just ask for our specialists or feel free to make an appointment.

In the movie below (23 seconds) we introduce you to a few of our specialists:

Here you can find relevant contact information:

Peter van de Pol

President / Director
Telephone: +31 571 28 78 57
E-mail: management@schoneveld.nl
Present: Tuesday till Thursday

Louis Kester

Commercial Director
Telephone: +31 571 28 78 40
E-mail: lkester@schoneveld.nl
Present: Tuesday till Friday

Jeroen Star

Manager Sales & Advice
Region: North Europe and other
Telephone: +31 571 28 78 54
E-mail: jeroenstar@schoneveld.nl
Present: Tuesday till Thursday

Dinja Lankhorst

Region: North America, South America and other
Telephone: +31 571 28 72 40
E-mail: Dinjalankhorst@schoneveld.nl
Present: Wednesday and Thursday

Jeff mc Grew

Area Manager
Region: North America
Telephone: +1 360 44 52 031
E-mail: jeffmcgrew@schoneveld.nl
Present: Wednesday and Thursday

Gianfranco de Leo

Area Manager
Region: South Europe
Telephone: +39 340 84 514 18
E-mail: gianfrancodeleo@schoneveld.nl
Present: Tuesday till Thursday

Pierre Samsom

Area Manager
Region: France
Telephone: +33 680 26 53 88
E-mail: pierre-fleur@orange.fr
Present: Pierre himself won’t be present at the Flower Trials, you can ask him questions by means of e-mail or you can ask the questions to his colleagues: Jeroen, Dinja or Gianfranco.

Diego Poot

Team leader Growing Advice
Region: South America, Asia, North Europe
Telephone: +31 6 12 76 51 96
E-mail: diegopoot@schoneveld.nl
Present: Wednesday till Friday

Ton Koers

Growing Advice
Region: North America, South Europe, Middle East, North Europe
Telephone: +31 571 28 78 53
E-mail: tonkoers@schoneveld.nl
Present: Tuesday till Thursday

Hay Lamers

Growing Advice
Region: Central Europe
Telephone: +31 6 20 88 03 36
E-mail: haylamers@schoneveld.nl
Present: Hay himself won’t be present at the Flower Trials, you can ask him questions by means of e-mail or you can ask the questions to his colleagues: Ton or Diego.

Tamara Janssen

Team Leader Marketing
Telephone: +31 571 28 78 46
E-mail: tamarajanssen@schoneveld.nl
Present: Tuesday till Thursday

Linda Bruinenberg

Graphic Design
Telephone: +31 571 28 78 51
E-mail: lindabruinenberg@schoneveld.nl
Present: Tuesday

Edwin Blankenvoort

Online Marketing/Social media
Telephone: +31 571 28 78 58
E-mail: edwinblankenvoort@schoneveld.nl
Present: Tuesday till Thursday

Carin Parie

Public Relations and Communication
Telephone: +31 571 28 72 46
E-mail: carinparie@schoneveld.nl
Present: Wednesday and Thursday

Are you a retailer or trading company? Please contact Marc, he can make the right link between your costumers and the most suitable products.

Marc van Heijningen

Product Market Combinations
Telephone: +31 6 23 01 26 49
E-mail: marcvanheijningen@schoneveld.nl
Present: Tuesday till Friday

Novelties of Schoneveld Breeding

During the Flower Trials 2017 Schoneveld Breeding will present her novelties! These novelties all have unique characteristics and will enable you, as grower, to provide your customers with even better service.

We will present the following novelties:

– Primula obconica Touch Me Mini
– Primula obconica Galaxy
– Campanula Florentes Avida

In the movie below (21 seconds) we introduce our novelties:

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