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Below you will find a complete overview of news concerning Schoneveld Breeding.

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Make an appointment for the 2018 Cyclamen Open Days

At Schoneveld Breeding we have reserved weeks 43, 44, 45 and 46 for the Cyclamen Open Days. Visit our location in Twello, the Netherlands (Dernhorstlaan) and be amazed by our Cyclamen Super Series. During the open days we will be announcing various introductions and pre-introductions as well as the results of our plant trials.

Cultivation tips for Asian primroses and ranunculi in August/September 2018

Primroses and ranunculi will soon need potting on for the coming season. We have compiled a list of tips to help you optimize the cultivation process. Substrate Use plenty of well-draining and airy substrate, pH 5.5-5.8. Add an NPK fertilizer with an EC, nutrient content of 0.5-0.8 mS/cm. Use sufficiently composted raw materials and/or peat… View Article

Cultivation tips for cyclamen during the summer – autumn transition phase

1. Length of flower stems 2. Botrytis plan 3. Crop protection Length of flower stems Make sure that the flower stems of the summer cyclamen such as the Super Serie Verano, Donatello and Compact, remain long enough in autumn. Refrain from using growth regulator as soon as the buds begin to form, keep the day… View Article

Cyclamen Open Days 2018

22 October to 9 November* *expected data Weeks 43, 44 and 45 at Schoneveld Breeding are all about Cyclamen Open Days. Visit our location in Twello (Dernhorstlaan) and be amazed by our Cyclamen Super Series. In addition, we reveal various (pre-) introductions and tests. NEW: Super Serie Donatello F1 New in our product range is… View Article

The Sprinkles and Paradiso cultivation season is just around the corner

General: Preparations are already underway for cultivating Ranunculus and Primula acaulis. We hope you have selected Primula acaulis and Ranunculus varieties that suit your business situation and cultivation methods. Our Paradiso Early Mid, Mini and Late are ideal if you want to grow large quantities that will be ready to market quickly. Paradiso is compact… View Article

How will you nurse your cyclamen through the summer?

Most of this seasons cyclamen have already been potted on. We have put together some tips to help you grow a successful crop. 1. Pest control 2. Climate control in hot conditions 3. Watering, EC and pH control Pest control To keep the numbers of insects in and around the greenhouse low, make sure you… View Article

Visit Schoneveld Breeding during Flower Trials 2018

From 12 to 15 June 2018 we are present at the Flower Trials in Regio Westland with our assortment. We present our latest developments in the field of Cyclamen, Primula, Campanula and Ranunculus. In addition to the well-known products and brands, we also show our latest introductions. New location: World Horti Center Naaldwijk (Westland Region)… View Article

2018 Flower Trials: plan your appointment here

Schoneveld Breeding will be at the Flower Trials from 12 to 15 June 2018. This year our location is the World Horti Center in Naaldwijk (Westland region). The World Horti Center is the leading knowledge and innovation centre for the international greenhouse horticulture sector. A range of leading and ambitious horticultural companies are represented in… View Article

Cyclamen ‘Masako’ wins Top Product Showcase at MyPlantandGarden 2018

Cyclamen Masako, distributed by Schoneveld Breeding and grown by the Italian company Floricoltura Chiara, has won the Top Product Showcase at MyPlantandGarden 2018 in Milan. Masako has been crowned the winner because of the number of flowers, a very long shelf life and the unique shape of flowers compared to other Cyclamen. Masako is a… View Article

Open Days – Primula Paradiso, Primula Perola, Primula Touch Me, Primula Pricanto and Ranunculus Sprinkles

Open Days at Schoneveld Twello, the Netherlands Schoneveld Breeding is holding various Open Days this winter at its location in Twello, the Netherlands. Because the bloom periods for the different varieties are spread throughout the first months of the year, we will start in week 3 with Open Days for Primula Touch Me and Primula… View Article

A creative Christmas message for you to unpack

Christmas is a time for being together, it’s a time to connect. Together with all our colleagues at Schoneveld Breeding we have made this Christmas message especially for you. We hope to continue and grow our connection with you in the coming year. On behalf of all employees and the management, we wish you wonderful… View Article

Results fertilizer test will be available soon!

This year it is being investigated whether the sustainability of Cyclamen can be improved by means of a modified fertilization strategy. Growth differences are already visible and the growers who have already seen the test are very enthusiastic. In this test, Super Series Compact is chosen in the colors: Dark Violet, Neon Pink, Pure White… View Article

New catalogue 2017 – 2018

Here you can find our new catalogue with all our products. If you click on the following links, you will be redirected to WeTransfer! You can download the catalogue by using the correct password! South America (EN/SP/PT) Password = SBCatalogSoAm741 North America (EN/FR/SP) Password = SBCatalogNoAm852 Middle East (EN/TU) Password = SBCatalogMo159 North Europe (EN/NL/DE)… View Article

Frans-Peter Dechering Commercial Director at Schoneveld Breeding

On 1 October 2017, Frans-Peter Dechering will take up the position of Commercial Director at Schoneveld Breeding. He will succeed Louis Kester who will be leaving the company on 1 November. The coming weeks Frans-Peter and Louis will work together to familiarise Frans-Peter with the work and to ensure continuity. Schoneveld Breeding has developed into… View Article

Campanula unrooted cuttings available NOW

Schoneveld Breeding has two Campanula cultivars in their assortment from cuttings, namely our Campanula Ambella and our Campanula Adansa. Campanula Ambella (Campanula Portenschlagiana) These plants have a pleasing round plantshape and an abundance of bell-shaped flowers that bloom from early spring through late summer. Due to the sturdy, compact habit little to no growth regulators… View Article

USA tips for growing cyclamen

1.Cultivation area 2.Water quality 3.Insects 4.Crop protection plan 5.Greenhouse climate 6.Potting compost 7.Plant depth 8.Watering and Fertilization 1.Clean and disinfect floor and table in cultivation area Before you start, ensure the floor in the cultivation area is clean and disinfected using the regular disinfectants. 2.Water quality Check that your water disinfection equipment is in good… View Article

TimeLapse Flowering Allure

Did you know that our Cyclamen Super Serie Allure is becoming increasingly popular among growers? The Allure is actually very suitable for fased cultivation, bench run production. These Cyclamen flower very uniform. Are you interested in how they flower? Please watch this movie (45 sec)!

Why you really need to visit Schoneveld during the Flower Trials

During the Flower Trials, from 13th till 16th of June 2017, you can find Schoneveld Breeding at the Monsterkas. Because you are a grower, we recommend you to visit us. This year, we present our novelties and you have the perfect opportunity to ask questions or to make an appointment with our specialists. As a… View Article

Discover our novelties on Flower Trials 2017

Discover our novelties at Flower Trials 2017

Flower Trials 2017 – Schoneveld Breeding at Monsterkas Honselersdijk

From 13th to 16th June Flower Trials 2017 will open its doors. Obviously we will presenting our products and supporting services. You will find us in the Monsterkas Honselersdijk together with Selecta. Be informed about the strong characteristics and genetics concerning Cyclamen Super Serie, Primula Touch Me, Primula Pricanto and Campanula Florentes. New introduction this year will… View Article

Be prepared… #IPM2017Schoneveld

You are most welcome to visit us at IPM Essen, 24 – 27 January 2017, Hall 2, stand B17.  Looking forward to welcoming you! Team Schoneveld Breeding Innovators in nature

Merry #ChristmasWithCyclamen

It’s snowing outside, the fire is flickering in the grate and the radio is playing the traditional Christmas hits. A familiar scene – that warm, cosy feeling. Of course, this wouldn’t be complete without plants, but which ones? Schoneveld Breeding shows that these should be cyclamen. In this dark and cold Christmas period almost everyone… View Article

Invitation: FloraHolland Trade Fair 2016

You are most welcome to visit us one at the Trade Fair, stand 22.13. Be inspired by a Christmas world with Primula Touch Me and Cyclamen Super Serie. Discover the different applications and be informed about the support services of Schoneveld Breeding to stimulate shelf sales.  Looking forward to welcoming you! Please find more information… View Article

Invitation: Cyclamen Open Days 2016

You are most welcome to visit us one of these days. You can register by email, phone or fax, after receiving your registration we will contact you a.s.a.p. to schedule an appointment. Looking forward to welcoming you! Team Schoneveld Breeding Strong genetics, Sharing knowledge, Constant innovation

Everything is better if you know the story…

It’s that time of year again when cyclamen are in plenty supply. Cyclamen in all shapes and sizes, colours and varieties. Not just different flower shapes, but also different types of leaves. Smooth or silver leaves, fringed or double flowers, and too many shapes and sizes to mention. Because I work for a breeder of… View Article

MORE of a good thing…

A sunny day in late August. After fighting heavy traffic, I arrive in picturesque ’s Gravenzande much later than planned. I find Bert & Ada van der Meer’s place of business flush against the dunes. They used to run their own horticultural enterprise together, but they sold it in 2008. After various totally different jobs,… View Article

Schoneveld presents innovative products and concepts

During the 2016 Flower Trials this week, Schoneveld Breeding will present innovative products and new concepts. As plant breeder, Schoneveld wants to increase the market return for its partners in the chain by working together, which Schoneveld calls: Connecting the Chains. You will find Schoneveld Breeding in the Samples greenhouse / Presentation room at the… View Article

You are very welcome to visit us at Flower Trials 2016!

We have a new location for the Flower Trials since last year. We will be in Flora Holland’s ‘Monsterkas’ / presentation room in Honselersdijk together with Selecta. You are very welcome to visit us. Directions – When you enter FloraHolland turn left immediately. – Drive up the Fleuraduct and continue until you reach the top. – Then… View Article

Schoneveld Breeding’s Cyclamen Open Days

From 26 October to 13 November Schoneveld Breeding will be opening its doors to all professionals in the chain. During these Open Days you can see Schoneveld Breeding’s cyclamen in the flower trials. Growers of young plants, growers, wholesalers and retailers can gain a good impression of what Schoneveld genetics can mean to them. Just… View Article

2 ‘Glass Tulip’ nominations

Proudly we present to you the Dutch breeders Ten Have Plant and Ammerlaan-Sosef as they are both nominated for the ‘Glass Tulip 2016’ award. Ten Have Plant produced the Cyclamen Super Serie Petticoat and Ammerlaan-Sosef introduced their typical tri-coloured concept Touch Me !Sensation! We all keep our fingers crossed for transfering these nominations into actual prizes. Will you… View Article