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Cyclamen persicum Super Serie Dragon Blue

Novelties at FlowerTrials Japan 2024

Discover our latest innovating plant varieties at FlowerTrials Japan. Schoneveld Breeding presents a new type of Cyclamen which you’ve never seen before! Also the product range is expended with NEW products. Can’t wait? In this article you can find the top 3 novelties shown during FlowerTrials Japan. Illusia F1 Illusia F1 is launched, the unique flower… View Article
Illusia wins New Plant Award for Flowering Houseplants 2024

Golden award at the HTA National Plant Show 2024 for ‘Illusia’ – Nature’s Magic!

New variety Illusia wins New Plant Award for Flowering Houseplants 2024 Schoneveld Breeding is proud to announce that their latest innovation, Illusia, has been awarded the prestigious New Plant Award for Flowering Houseplants at the HTA National Plant Show 2024. This accolade recognizes Illusia as one of the most innovative and exceptional plant varieties introduced… View Article
Gianfranco with Cyclamen Super Serie Elegante

Super Serie Elegante: the midi Cyclamen for warm conditions

In these times of climate change, cyclamen cultivation can sometimes be a challenge. Specialists at Schoneveld Breeding saw opportunities in breeding Cyclamen suited for warmer conditions. Several years ago, the large-flowered Cyclamen Super Serie Leopardo took the market by storm. Now it’s time for its smaller sibling, the Super Serie Elegante, to make an impact…. View Article
Gerard Zwiers in Gerbera Joybera

Joybera new benchmark in Gerberas 

“We need to make something better than what is on the market so far.” Gerard Zwiers, head of breeding at Schoneveld Breeding, had a clear goal in mind. “We wanted to achieve a new benchmark in Gerberas,” he says from his office at Schoneveld Breeding’s main location in Wilp. In collaboration with a Danish breeder,… View Article
Huub in the Greenhouse holding Gerbera Joybera

Making a difference with innovations

Always come up with new things. That is the most innovative you can do, according to Huub van Oorspronk, area manager Asia, Middle East and Oceania. As a representative of Schoneveld Breeding, he visits many growers’s greenhouses. “You always have to stay in touch with the people that work with your products. If you stay… View Article
Breeder Sadrach Talahatu with Illusia

Illusia wonders with astonishing looks

Sometimes your ‘breeders eye’ sees something and you know: this is something very special. For breeder Sadrach Talahatu and his colleagues, that happened when their eyes were caught by a unique flower display. ‘As a team, we immediately asked ourselves: how can we turn this into a product that amazes everyone?’ That question resulted in… View Article
Joybera at FlowerTrials

Visit Breeders Avenue during FlowerTrials

The excitement is building up for FlowerTrials® 2024! At Breeders Avenue you can expect innovations you have never seen before. Schoneveld Breeding is expanding the product range with NEW products. Below you can find 5 reasons why to visit. Illusia F1 Illusia F1 is launched, the unique flower shape makes this a very striking and… View Article

The extraordinary story of Super Serie Fusion Midi

Schoneveld Breeding’s attractive Super Serie Fusion Cyclamen are taking over an increasing share of the market. While Super Serie Fusion Large seeds first became available two years ago, it is now the turn of its smaller sister, Super Serie Fusion Midi, to conquer hearts. Niels Zoetelief, commercial director of Schoneveld Breeding, praises this second product… View Article

Super Serie Elegante, the little sister of powerhouse Leopardo

The success of Super Serie Leopardo, Schoneveld Breeding’s heat-tolerant, large-flowered Cyclamen, does not stand alone. The heat-tolerant series of Cyclamen has a strong midi that is now taking over the world: Super Serie Elegante. Gerard Zwiers, head of breeding at Schoneveld Breeding, explains more about the creation of this little sister of Leopardo. “For some… View Article

Cultivating a sustainable future

Rather than sustainability, Peter van de Pol, director of breeding company Schoneveld Breeding, would like to use the word durability. “When you speak about durability, you talk about the future. For growers, for the planet and for next generations.” Peter van de Pol has an intrinsic motivation to leave the world a better place. Durability… View Article
Jerry holding Gerbera Joybera

New standard in Gerberas great success

It’s new, it’s fresh, it’s Joybera! In search of the new standard in Gerbera, we developed a uniform, long-lasting plant with particularly abundant, brightly coloured flowers. Area manager Jerry van der Spek, responsible for customers in South America, is very proud of the result.  “The Gerbera has had a bad image for many years. Growers… View Article
Herbert at Primula acaulis Paradiso

Dedicated knowledge partner helps achieve maximum performance

The culmination of dedication, that is the role of growing supporter Herbert van Gijtenbeek at Schoneveld Breeding. When he was a child, he was always busy with seeds and plants, now it is his daily work. “I stand next to a grower; I partner with them and help them look to the future. All to… View Article
Super Serie Fusion Large inside

Super Serie Fusion: a decade full of development 

Super Serie Fusion is a remarkable addition to the assortment of Schoneveld Breeding. As the first large-flowered Cyclamen with two-toned leaves, it is a novelty in the market. A strong product that evolved from the genetics of the well-known Super Series from Schoneveld Breeding.  Development  The story of Super Serie Large starts in Japan, where… View Article
Portret Gerard Zwiers between Super Serie Fusion Large Cyclamen

Craftsmanship and continuous development as a recipe for success

Breeding is part of a complex process. Gerard Zwiers, head of breeding at Schoneveld Breeding, knows that as a fact. He leads a team of experts which is responsible for development and innovations in the assortment of the Dutch breeder. “Breeding is a long-term process. As a breeder, you have a unique perspective on plants.”… View Article
Super Serie Fusion F1 Large

Right timing makes unique large-flowered Super Serie Fusion Large shine

Two-toned flowers never seen before in large-flowered Cyclamen. Now that Super Serie Fusion Large has entered the market, growing supporter Ton Koers sees new opportunities. He has been supporting growers cultivating products from Schoneveld Breeding for over two decades. The arrival of Super Serie Fusion Large gives a new dimension to his job. “Fusion Large… View Article
Dinja Lankhorst Super Serie Fusion

Super Serie Fusion conquers special place in market for large-flowered Cyclamen 

Super Serie Fusion is the first large-flowered Cyclamen with two-toned flowers. Schoneveld Breeding developed this new addition to the assortment out of the strong Super Serie genetics. Flowering is best from the end of September. You can enjoy a unique colour pattern until half of December. Dinja Lankhorst, area manager North and Central Europe, foresees… View Article

Website is under construction

You may have noticed our new branding, including a brand-new logo, on several platforms. At the same time, you find our website in between styles. We are currently working on implementing our new branding online and while doing so, the website is transitioning between the old and new style. At Schoneveld Breeding we believe in… View Article
Gerard Zwiers head of breeding showing Super Serie Fusion Cyclamen

The development of Super Serie Fusion

Two-toned leaf latest addition to Cyclamen assortment The development of a new plant does not always start with a preconceived plan. Or like Gerard Zwiers, head of breeding at Schoneveld Breeding, says: “You do not wake up one day thinking: and now I am going to make something special.” The latest addition to the assortment… View Article

Summer starts at Breeders Avenue

The FlowerTrials® mark the true start to summer. And as in previous years, we’ve got lots of great new things to show you this time. Come along to Breeders Avenue from 13 to 16 June and prepare to be delighted! We’ll be sharing our new product developments and will have an exciting first for you…. View Article
Super Serie Fusion

Visit us at California Spring Trials 2023

When spring arrives, it’s time for California Spring Trials. Of course, we will attend the 2023 edition. Area manager Kathy McKay and growing supporter Ton Koers present to you the latest developments in the broad assortment of Schoneveld Breeding. Visit the stand and get an overview of not only Cyclamen, but also many Primula. It… View Article

Discover our sustainable splash of colours

At the end of January it’s time for IPM in Essen. International contacts gather there to meet each other. Our area managers and growing supporters are ready to take you along in the colourful world of Schoneveld Breeding. Do we meet you there? Cold tolerant crops In these times of rising energy prices it is… View Article

Thank you for visiting our Cyclamen Open Days

Visitors to the annual Cyclamen Open Days were met by a huge splash of colours at the start of their tour. We opened the doors of our greenhouses at the end of October to show what we have. We received visitors in a winter wonderland for a guided tour through the greenhouses. In there, visitors… View Article

Gelderland province contributes to development Breeding Accel

With the opening of a molecular lab in Schoneveld Breeding’s PlantXperience, the partners of collaborative Breeding Accel have created more clout. The granting of a POP3 application by the province of Gelderland is helping Breeding Accel, as an innovative knowledge platform, to make targeted and focused speed in the field of brand development in the… View Article

Purchase GA-box increases reliability of usables

When delivering flower seeds, it is very important that the customer knows what percentage of the seeds gives usable plants. Until recently, this so called usable was determined manually. With the purchase of the GA-box from AgriData Innovations, that belongs to the past. By automating the process, the usable is now even more reliable. Subjective… View Article

Cyclamen Open Days 2022

Enter the sea of colors of Schoneveld Breeding. During the annual Cyclamen Open Days from 24th of October until 11th of November, you are more than welcome for a visit. We love to show you the products in our assortment. Cold tolerant crops To keep production costs as low as possible in these times of… View Article

We have our new brochure for you

Our new brochure is ready. The marketing department worked hard for the last months to bundle all technical details, product photos and company information. The brochure for the season 2022-2023 is a continuation of the brochures of last years. You find an update of the assortment with improved and new colors in all series. Overview… View Article
Groepsfoto FlowerTrials 2022

Looking back on FlowerTrials 2022

It’s already over again. FlowerTrials 2022 were a great success. It was a week full of beautiful encounters on Breeders Avenue. Visitors of the Schoneveld Breeding stand enjoyed Cyclamen and other products in real life. It was nice to be able to shake hands again. Besides that, in the greenhouses in Wilp great conversations started… View Article

Schoneveld Breeding portal

From now on, our marketing materials are available anytime and anywhere. Just like the strong genetics, we always develop our well-known added value. We support our customers in sales by sharing marketing materials, brochures, growing support documents and other information. On the new developed Schoneveld portal you find all documents needed. Available on any time… View Article
FlowerTrials Let's Meet

Let’s meet at FlowerTrials

Just a few weeks until the first meeting in a long time. We love to see you at our new location at FlowerTrials 2022. From the 14th till the 17th of June we present to you the latest developments in our product portfolio. You find our area managers and growing supporters at the Breeders Avenue,… View Article

Primula obconica Touch Me in spotlights during open days

We love to show all that is going on within different product groups. After Primula Paradiso, it was in weeks 6 and 7 time for Primula obconica Touch Me to show itself. All colours from all series were in the spotlights during the annual open days. Several young plant growers took a look. Of course,… View Article
Paradiso open days overview

Highlights Primula Paradiso Open Days

We started the year colourful with our Primula Paradiso Open Days. From week 3 until week 10 growers and young plant growers took a look in the greenhouses at the different Primula series. They did so both online and offline. Besides all colours of different series, there were comparisons with other products and technical trials…. View Article
cast_super serie Leopardo

Find us at new location at California Spring Trials

It’s only two more weeks until California Spring Trials take off. We will be present of course, and how! You find Schoneveld Breeding on a new location this year. Our area manager Kathy McKay is there to show visitors new developments and beautiful products. Together with growing supporter Ton Koers the best knowledge of Schoneveld… View Article
Touch Me Primula obconica

Hybrid Open Days Primula Paradiso, Primula obconica Touch Me and Ranunculus Sprinkles

When the days are short, Primula and Ranunculus bring colour in our daily life. The cheerful flowers of these strong winter and spring bloomers cheer up every day. During our annual Open Days for Primula Paradiso, Primula obconica Touch Me and Ranunculus Sprinkles  we show you our newest developments for the coming season. You are… View Article
Christmas thumbnail video

Happy Holidays

We created a video for all customers and relations to show how much we appreciate your trust. We consider this the most personal, sustainable and creative option to send you our best wishes. Have a merry Christmas and make 2022 a beautiful year!
cyclamen open dagen 2021

Highlights of the Cyclamen Open Days 2021

Doesn’t time fly! The Cyclamen Open Days 2021 are over. This year we welcomed lots of visitors in person and also ran a number of virtual tours. It was great to be able to talk to everyone again and show them our product range. We had so much to show! Our front yard was beautifully… View Article

Open Days: We are ready

We are ready! Our Cyclamen Open Days 2021 have started. This year, we offer you more than just the most beautiful Cyclamen. The entrance of our PlantXperience is an explosion of colors with Cyclamen in alle shapes and sizes. We are pleased to inspire you by showing how to use these eye catchers in and… View Article
Marketing Menu

Create your own marketing mix with our Marketing Menu

From now on it is possible to put together a unique and personalized marketing mix per product. We have a Marketing Menu full of professional promotion materials for all our product groups. What’s on the menu?You find, amongst other things, labels, banners, and leaflets in the same style on the Marketing Menu’s. All chain partners… View Article
breeding accel opening mol lab

Breeding Accel invests in the future

The laboratory at PlantXperience in Wilp, the Netherlands now has a brand new molecular department with new users. The five breeders who work together under the name Breeding Accel jointly inaugurated the facility. Sporting brand new lab coats, chairman Peter van de Pol (Schoneveld Breeding) and Thijs van Dijk (Fresh Forward) symbolically opened the lab…. View Article
cyclamen open dagen 2021

Welcome to our Cyclamen Open Days 2021

It’s time for our annual Cyclamen Open Days. In weeks 43, 44 and 45 we’d like to show you all our beautiful products. You can check out our entire product range in our greenhouses in Wilp. Come by for a Cyclamen tour in our PlantXperience or book a digital tour. We look forward to welcoming… View Article

The new brochure is ready

It was another great challenge: making the brochure for the coming season. All product specialists provided technical information, all plants were photographed in full bloom and the Schoneveld Breeding story was put on paper. Together, this results in the new Variety Guide 2021-2022. Pillars In this brochure, as usual, you will first of all find… View Article

Quickly informed with short FlowerTrials video

The FlowerTrials are completely online this year. We would love to show you as much as possible via video’s, webinars and digital tours. But we also understand that you do not want to be attached to a screen all day. That is why we have a short video that gives a little look behind the… View Article
Open Days acaulis

Primula Paradiso & Perola Open Days 2021

During our Open Days we like to show you our assortment in Primula acaulis Paradiso and Primula polyanthus Perola. We also show the latest developments.

Schoneveld Breeding and Beekenkamp Plants follow the trend of upscaling and chain shortening

Beekenkamp Plants has taken a minority share in Schoneveld Breeding. Both companies continue to operate independently in the field of breeding, production and sales. They see joint opportunities in exchanging knowledge of innovative breeding techniques and research.

The Cyclamen Open Days 2020 are now finished

When we organized the Cyclamen Open Days 2020, we knew we had to do it differently from other years. Due to the corona measures, the current version could not continue. Instead of receiving as many people as possible in our greenhouses, we went digital this year.

Cyclamen Open Days 2020 are coming up

Good News! It’s that time again: the Cyclamen Open Days 2020! In Week 43, 44 and 45 we would like to show you what we have been working on.

We will bring the Flower Trials to you!

Due to COVID-19, the Flower Trials has been canceled and we are not able to meet you personally to show our product range. Welcome to our digital Flower Trials. Discover some highlights of our Cyclamen range below. In this video our colleague Huub briefly explains something about:  Cyclamen Super Serie Crayon – NEW Cyclamen Super… View Article

Growing Cyclamen under high light levels

During periods with high light levels there is an aspect of the culture of Cyclamen that is underestimated: The temperature of the leaves of Cyclamen What is the situation of plants that are active and in a normal lightlevel? The leaf temperature is at a level just below the air temperature. This is the result… View Article

Growing tips for transplanting Cyclamen May 2020

After the bedding plant season many Cyclamen plants are being planted. Below is a list of topics for review when potting your cyclamen. Growing Area Water quality Insects Greenhouse climate Soil Media Plant height after potting  Watering Fertilization Clean and disinfect growing area.It is always wise to start with a clean and disinfected growing area…. View Article

Who is who supporting You

We are there for you, also in these complicated times Here at Schoneveld we work to bring our customers the entire package. Our service does not end at breeding and delivering high quality seeds. It is also about the service after the sale and the support our team provides with scheduling and technical advice. To… View Article

Mid Februari: Colourful news from China

A number of our products are currently flowering in China, including Primula obconica Touch Me and Ranunculus asiaticus Sprinkles. We received these beautiful photos:

Extremely good shelf life with Primula Paradiso Perola

Primula Paradiso Perola is a Primula polyanthus, this Primula is characterized by its short, strong stems and extremely good shelf life. Because of the higher standing stems, the amount of stems and the more open structure of the plant, Perola is much less sensitive to damage on its flower compared to the Primula acaulis. In… View Article

Our contribution to sustainability – More value by #sustainability

We would like to contribute to a better future, both for the environment and future generations. That is why we have decided to focus on sustainability. Think of our closed water cycle, genetics (Paradiso) where the amount of growth regulators (PGR) is minimal and bee-friendly products such as Campanula from Addenda. Compared to other Pimula… View Article

Three times Cyclamen Super Serie with winners Benchmark Cyclamen

Every year Glastuinbouw Nederland organizes the Cyclamen Benchmark with breeders of Cyclamen. The benchmark is a shelf life competition and is carried out by Royal FloraHolland. Growers can submit plants for 3 categories: mini, midi and large-flowered. For each entry, a batch of 6 plants is supplied, consisting of a minimum of 4 colours and… View Article

How we create added value through breeding #morevaluebybreeding

In the 1970s, every week Patty Schoneveld went by truck to his customers. The plants with the best flowering richness were often the fastest sold. Patty understood the needs of the market and started selecting the best plants in advance. With this in mind, we started breeding. In 1992 this process resulted in the birth… View Article

Sweet Kisses on display at Trade Fair 2019

During the Royal FloraHolland Trade Fair Aalsmeer 2019 (November 6 – 8), the Growers Association Touch Me + will once again present Sweet Kisses. Sweet Kisses is the tested sales concept for Retail from Growers Association Touch Me +. The stand can be found on location: 49.4. Sweet Kisses is available from the end of… View Article

Various trials on display at our Cyclamen Open Days 2019

During the Cyclamen Open Days of Schoneveld breeding, visitors can view three different trials. It concerns a potting soil trial, fertilization trial and an inhibitor trial. The progress of the trials and our advice on this can be discussed during your visit to the Cyclamen Open Days in week 43 up to and including week… View Article

Ask for the results of our Retail mixes during Cyclamen Open Days 2019

In the run-up to the Cyclamen Open Days we tested 6 Retail mixes. These mixes consist of the Verano, Carino and Allure series and are composed based on matching colours and growth and flowering speed. You can ask about the results during your visit to our Cyclamen Open Days. The Cyclamen Open Days are planned… View Article

Get to know the story behind the Cyclamen together with your customers

In weeks 43 to 45, Schoneveld breeding organizes its annual Cyclamen Open Days. This is the ideal time to look into Schoneveld’s kitchen, because what does it take to make the ideal Cyclamen? We would like to invite growers and traders to visit our Cyclamen Open Days. Feel free to bring your customers! Make it… View Article

Vintro: the true winter Cyclamen

During IPM 2020 we proudly present Cyclamen Super Serie Vintro: our real large-flowered winter Cyclamen! Vintro is a large Cyclamen with large flowers and thick stems. This series is extremely suitable for winter flowering and cold cultivation. Vintro is introduced in 2019/2020. The flowering period of this Cyclamen is: January to March in the Northern… View Article

Meet Cyclamen Super Serie Crayon

Cyclamen Super Serie Crayon will be shown for the first time during the Cyclamen Open Days of Schoneveld Breeding. Crayon is characterized by its unique colour pattern that is reminiscent of a piece of chalk (or crayon). This year Crayon is still pre-introduction and therefore not freely available, the introduction is in 2020/2021. Crayon is… View Article

Ranunculus and Paradiso – Tips for choosing your potting soil

Pot soil choice Sprinkles, Paradiso and Perola Preparations for these crops have started again or are now ready. You have made the planning and discussed this with your suppliers. You now have to make an important choice: “Which potting soil will I take?” The choice depends on your watering system, your potting soil supplier can… View Article

Cyclamen Open Days 2019

From week 43 up to and including week 45, Schoneveld Breeding organizes its annual Cyclamen Open Days. Visitors from all over the world come to the brand new PlantXperience, where they are included in the story of Cyclamen Super Serie. In addition to our Cyclamen range, we show our novelties, new colours and various tests…. View Article

A new look & feel with the familiar DNA

PlantXperience, a brand new company building where everything is literally “under glass”. Visible and transparent. That deserves a new fresh look & feel. Our strength is not only in the DNA of our genetics but also in the passion of our employees, young and old. Together we ensure that only top quality seeds find their… View Article

Sign up for our Cyclamen Open Days 2019

Are you interested in our Cyclamen Open Days (week 43 – 45)? Please leave your details using the form below or contact your contact person at Schoneveld Breeding.

Tips: help Cyclamen through the summer!

Most of this year’s cyclamen have already been potted on. We have put together some tips to help you grow a successful crop. Pest control Climate control in hot conditions Watering, EC and pH control To keep the numbers of insects in and around the greenhouse low, make sure you remove weeds in and around… View Article

Tips to solve the following problems with Ranunculus Cultivation

Last season, several growers in Northern Europe experienced problems with Ranunculus cultivation. These problems were of various natures. Schoneveld Breeding would like to try to tackle these problems together for the coming season, to successfully continue cultivation. Below is an overview of the issues we came across: Yellow leaves Uneven growth Stress-induced flowering Bacteria Pythium… View Article

Primula product range of Schoneveld Breeding

There are several types of primula available in today’s garden centers. Primarily known as a cool season plant, primula is versatile for indoor and outdoor use. With longer shelf life, improved uniformity and a whole range of colors, it is a wonderful addition to a program. Schoneveld Breeding is focused on developing and producing quality… View Article

The first glimpse of our new location!

Check out the first glimpse of our new location!

On display at Flower Trials: Primula Touch Me Mini

Primula Touch Me Mini is a genetically compact pot plant that blooms in the winter period. If you are committed to sustainability, this plant is highly recommended. It is a series that really fits a small pot (9 cm – 10.5 cm) and is complete with 5 colours. Touch Me Mini is at display at… View Article

On display during Flower Trials: Verano Victoria Light Pink

New in the Super Series range: the “Victoria” colour type. This year we are presenting this colour type for the first time at the Flower Trials. Do you want to see this colour “in real life”? Please visit our stand at location: Plantenkwekerij P. van Geest! Victoria is a new colour type within our Super… View Article

On display at Flower Trials: Cyclamen Super Series Djix

Djix is ​​a mini Cyclamen with a special flower shape and in most regions it is marketed in closed chains with the focus on “local-for-local” and “product-market combination”. Available in 2 colours and suitable for small pot sizes. Visit our booth at the Flower Trials and ask about the possibilities! Cyclamen Super Series Djix is… View Article

Brand Story: Cyclamen Super Serie Djix

When autumn arrives, Djix’s stubborn looks will bring color and design to your home. After a long walk in the woods over crackling foliage, back to the warmth and cosiness in your own home. An atmosphere in which Djix provides the temperamental surprise with the special flowers in strong colors. Back to cosiness, comfort in… View Article

Flower Trials 2019

From 11 to 13 June 2019, Schoneveld Breeding will be present with a stand at the Flower Trials in Maasland, Westland region. During this exhibition we are proud to show a large part of our product range and visitors can ask their questions about cultivation or marketing. Below you will find some products that we… View Article

California Spring Trials 2019: What we have on display

From March 23 till March 27 Schoneveld Breeding will be present at the California Spring Trials. Our colleagues Kathy McKay and Ton Koers are happy to tell you all about our products and give advice about the cultivation of these products.

Suddenly cold weather conditions

Region: North Europe Last week it went freezing at night. When these temperatures persist, it becomes dangerous for the cool-grown crops, such as e.g. Primula acaulis Paradiso and Ranunculus Sprinkles. Despite these low temperatures, it is usually still sunny during the day, but the first rays of the sun are intense for the plants after… View Article

Growing recommendations Primula acaulis and Ranunculus Sprinkles December 2018

Growing recommendations for Primula acaulis – Paradiso The Primula acaulis Paradiso is growing well. Our Paradiso Early growers are currently picking or have finished their picking. Paradiso Mid and Late have been potted for 8-12 weeks now and have been spaced out. The Primulas need less water now that there is less light and the… View Article

Cultivation tips for Asian primroses and ranunculi in August/September 2018

Primroses and ranunculi will soon need potting on for the coming season. We have compiled a list of tips to help you optimize the cultivation process. Substrate Use plenty of well-draining and airy substrate, pH 5.5-5.8. Add an NPK fertilizer with an EC, nutrient content of 0.5-0.8 mS/cm. Use sufficiently composted raw materials and/or peat… View Article

Cultivation tips for cyclamen during the summer – autumn transition phase

1. Length of flower stems 2. Botrytis plan 3. Crop protection Length of flower stems Make sure that the flower stems of the summer cyclamen such as the Super Serie Verano, Donatello and Compact, remain long enough in autumn. Refrain from using growth regulator as soon as the buds begin to form, keep the day… View Article

Cyclamen Open Days 2018

22 October to 9 November* *expected data Weeks 43, 44 and 45 at Schoneveld Breeding are all about Cyclamen Open Days. Visit our location in Twello (Dernhorstlaan) and be amazed by our Cyclamen Super Series. In addition, we reveal various (pre-) introductions and tests.

The Sprinkles and Paradiso cultivation season is just around the corner

General: Preparations are already underway for cultivating Ranunculus and Primula acaulis. We hope you have selected Primula acaulis and Ranunculus varieties that suit your business situation and cultivation methods. Our Paradiso Early Mid, Mini and Late are ideal if you want to grow large quantities that will be ready to market quickly. Paradiso is compact… View Article

How will you nurse your cyclamen through the summer?

Most of this seasons cyclamen have already been potted on. We have put together some tips to help you grow a successful crop. 1. Pest control 2. Climate control in hot conditions 3. Watering, EC and pH control Pest control To keep the numbers of insects in and around the greenhouse low, make sure you… View Article

Visit Schoneveld Breeding during Flower Trials 2018

From 12 to 15 June 2018 we are present at the Flower Trials in Regio Westland with our assortment. We present our latest developments in the field of Cyclamen, Primula, Campanula and Ranunculus. In addition to the well-known products and brands, we also show our latest introductions. New location: World Horti Center Naaldwijk (Westland Region)… View Article

2018 Flower Trials: plan your appointment here

Schoneveld Breeding will be at the Flower Trials from 12 to 15 June 2018. This year our location is the World Horti Center in Naaldwijk (Westland region). The World Horti Center is the leading knowledge and innovation centre for the international greenhouse horticulture sector. A range of leading and ambitious horticultural companies are represented in… View Article

Cyclamen ‘Masako’ wins Top Product Showcase at MyPlantandGarden 2018

Cyclamen Masako, distributed by Schoneveld Breeding and grown by the Italian company Floricoltura Chiara, has won the Top Product Showcase at MyPlantandGarden 2018 in Milan. Masako has been crowned the winner because of the number of flowers, a very long shelf life and the unique shape of flowers compared to other Cyclamen. Masako is a… View Article

Open Days – Primula Paradiso, Primula Perola, Primula Touch Me, Primula Pricanto and Ranunculus Sprinkles

Open Days at Schoneveld Twello, the Netherlands Schoneveld Breeding is holding various Open Days this winter at its location in Twello, the Netherlands. Because the bloom periods for the different varieties are spread throughout the first months of the year, we will start in week 3 with Open Days for Primula Touch Me and Primula… View Article

A creative Christmas message for you to unpack

Christmas is a time for being together, it’s a time to connect. Together with all our colleagues at Schoneveld Breeding we have made this Christmas message especially for you. We hope to continue and grow our connection with you in the coming year. On behalf of all employees and the management, we wish you wonderful… View Article

Results fertilizer test will be available soon!

This year it is being investigated whether the sustainability of Cyclamen can be improved by means of a modified fertilization strategy. Growth differences are already visible and the growers who have already seen the test are very enthusiastic. In this test, Super Series Compact is chosen in the colors: Dark Violet, Neon Pink, Pure White… View Article

New catalogue 2017 – 2018

Here you can find our new catalogue with all our products. If you click on the following links, you will be redirected to WeTransfer! You can download the catalogue by using the correct password! South America (EN/SP/PT) Password = SBCatalogSoAm741 North America (EN/FR/SP) Password = SBCatalogNoAm852 Middle East (EN/TU) Password = SBCatalogMo159 North Europe (EN/NL/DE)… View Article

Frans-Peter Dechering Commercial Director at Schoneveld Breeding

On 1 October 2017, Frans-Peter Dechering will take up the position of Commercial Director at Schoneveld Breeding. He will succeed Louis Kester who will be leaving the company on 1 November. The coming weeks Frans-Peter and Louis will work together to familiarise Frans-Peter with the work and to ensure continuity. Schoneveld Breeding has developed into… View Article

Campanula unrooted cuttings available NOW

Schoneveld Breeding has two Campanula cultivars in their assortment from cuttings, namely our Campanula Ambella and our Campanula Adansa. Campanula Ambella (Campanula Portenschlagiana) These plants have a pleasing round plantshape and an abundance of bell-shaped flowers that bloom from early spring through late summer. Due to the sturdy, compact habit little to no growth regulators… View Article

USA tips for growing cyclamen

1.Cultivation area 2.Water quality 3.Insects 4.Crop protection plan 5.Greenhouse climate 6.Potting compost 7.Plant depth 8.Watering and Fertilization 1.Clean and disinfect floor and table in cultivation area Before you start, ensure the floor in the cultivation area is clean and disinfected using the regular disinfectants. 2.Water quality Check that your water disinfection equipment is in good… View Article

TimeLapse Flowering Allure

Did you know that our Cyclamen Super Serie Allure is becoming increasingly popular among growers? The Allure is actually very suitable for fased cultivation, bench run production. These Cyclamen flower very uniform. Are you interested in how they flower? Please watch this movie (45 sec)!

Why you really need to visit Schoneveld during the Flower Trials

During the Flower Trials, from 13th till 16th of June 2017, you can find Schoneveld Breeding at the Monsterkas. Because you are a grower, we recommend you to visit us. This year, we present our novelties and you have the perfect opportunity to ask questions or to make an appointment with our specialists. As a… View Article

Discover our novelties on Flower Trials 2017

Discover our novelties at Flower Trials 2017

Flower Trials 2017 – Schoneveld Breeding at Monsterkas Honselersdijk

From 13th to 16th June Flower Trials 2017 will open its doors. Obviously we will presenting our products and supporting services. You will find us in the Monsterkas Honselersdijk together with Selecta. Be informed about the strong characteristics and genetics concerning Cyclamen Super Serie, Primula Touch Me, Primula Pricanto and Campanula Florentes. New introduction this year will… View Article

Be prepared… #IPM2017Schoneveld

You are most welcome to visit us at IPM Essen, 24 – 27 January 2017, Hall 2, stand B17.  Looking forward to welcoming you! Team Schoneveld Breeding Innovators in nature

Merry #ChristmasWithCyclamen

It’s snowing outside, the fire is flickering in the grate and the radio is playing the traditional Christmas hits. A familiar scene – that warm, cosy feeling. Of course, this wouldn’t be complete without plants, but which ones? Schoneveld Breeding shows that these should be cyclamen. In this dark and cold Christmas period almost everyone… View Article

Invitation: FloraHolland Trade Fair 2016

You are most welcome to visit us one at the Trade Fair, stand 22.13. Be inspired by a Christmas world with Primula Touch Me and Cyclamen Super Serie. Discover the different applications and be informed about the support services of Schoneveld Breeding to stimulate shelf sales.  Looking forward to welcoming you! Please find more information… View Article

Invitation: Cyclamen Open Days 2016

You are most welcome to visit us one of these days. You can register by email, phone or fax, after receiving your registration we will contact you a.s.a.p. to schedule an appointment. Looking forward to welcoming you! Team Schoneveld Breeding Strong genetics, Sharing knowledge, Constant innovation

Everything is better if you know the story…

It’s that time of year again when cyclamen are in plenty supply. Cyclamen in all shapes and sizes, colours and varieties. Not just different flower shapes, but also different types of leaves. Smooth or silver leaves, fringed or double flowers, and too many shapes and sizes to mention. Because I work for a breeder of… View Article

MORE of a good thing…

A sunny day in late August. After fighting heavy traffic, I arrive in picturesque ’s Gravenzande much later than planned. I find Bert & Ada van der Meer’s place of business flush against the dunes. They used to run their own horticultural enterprise together, but they sold it in 2008. After various totally different jobs,… View Article

Schoneveld presents innovative products and concepts

During the 2016 Flower Trials this week, Schoneveld Breeding will present innovative products and new concepts. As plant breeder, Schoneveld wants to increase the market return for its partners in the chain by working together, which Schoneveld calls: Connecting the Chains. You will find Schoneveld Breeding in the Samples greenhouse / Presentation room at the… View Article

You are very welcome to visit us at Flower Trials 2016!

We have a new location for the Flower Trials since last year. We will be in Flora Holland’s ‘Monsterkas’ / presentation room in Honselersdijk together with Selecta. You are very welcome to visit us. Directions – When you enter FloraHolland turn left immediately. – Drive up the Fleuraduct and continue until you reach the top. – Then… View Article

Schoneveld Breeding’s Cyclamen Open Days

From 26 October to 13 November Schoneveld Breeding will be opening its doors to all professionals in the chain. During these Open Days you can see Schoneveld Breeding’s cyclamen in the flower trials. Growers of young plants, growers, wholesalers and retailers can gain a good impression of what Schoneveld genetics can mean to them. Just… View Article

2 ‘Glass Tulip’ nominations

Proudly we present to you the Dutch breeders Ten Have Plant and Ammerlaan-Sosef as they are both nominated for the ‘Glass Tulip 2016’ award. Ten Have Plant produced the Cyclamen Super Serie Petticoat and Ammerlaan-Sosef introduced their typical tri-coloured concept Touch Me !Sensation! We all keep our fingers crossed for transfering these nominations into actual prizes. Will you… View Article