On display at Flower Trials: Cyclamen Super Series Djix

Djix is ​​a mini Cyclamen with a special flower shape and in most regions it is marketed in closed chains with the focus on “local-for-local” and “product-market combination”. Available in 2 colours and suitable for small pot sizes. Visit our booth at the Flower Trials and ask about the possibilities!

What is Djix?

Cyclamen Super Series Djix is ​​a seed-propagated mini Cyclamen persicum of the Carino type. This addition to our Super Series range is characterized by its special flower shape, which is unique in 2019 for mini Cyclamen.

Djix will be officially introduced in 2019/2020.

Product specifications

Djix is ​​a typical autumn cyclamen and blooms from September to November, this flowering period is based on Northern European conditions. In North America, on the other hand, Djix is ​​positioned as a product for Christmas and Valentine’s Day!

If you want to know which flowering period we recommend for your company, please feel free to contact us.

Djix is ​​suitable for pot size 10.5 cm up to pot size 12 cm (4 “- 5”) and we have 2 colours available: Red and Wine Red.

Brand Story Djix

The Brand Story from Djix is ​​written based on the following key words: “Colorful, energetic and surprising, perky, temperamental, powerful”, we have opted for the Pay-off: “Just Me!”

Only available in a closed chain

We position Djix as a unique product in a closed chain, where a special distribution applies. These closed chains are characterized by “local-for-local” and “product-market combinations” per country.

In addition, Djix is subject to a labeling obligation, may not be used for day trading and participating companies must meet a number of conditions. For more information about these closed chains you can contact one of our colleagues.

*In North America Djix has limited availability for 2019 but it will become freely available in 2020. Is your company situated in North America and you want more information about Djix, feel free to contact us!*

Marketing support 

We have several options for marketing support. We can support you in the field of labels, displays and postcards. On request it is also possible to offer other marketing support, if interested you can contact the Marketing department of Schoneveld Breeding by sending an email to: marketing@schoneveld.nl

Future developments 

Currently there are 2 colours in the Super Serie Djix. Our breeders are working on additional colors for this exciting new series. Stay tuned!

Our location at Flower Trials 

Plant nursery P. van Geest
Herenlaan 21 | 3155 DC Maasland
The Netherlands

About Cyclamen Super Serie

Cyclamen Super Serie is our umbrella brand for Cyclamen persicum. Super Serie is characterized by; a round plant structure, sturdy flower stems and uniform growth / flowering.
In the 2019-2020 season, Super Serie consists of 19 different series, which means we can provide all common pot sizes from 6 cm (2.5 “) to 17 cm (8”). Our genetics is also suitable for multiple flowering periods, we have various options from August to December / January (year round in the USA). You can choose many colours, silver leaves or green leaves and various flower shapes.

Besides Cyclamen Super Series, Schoneveld Breeding has the following products: Primula Touch Me, Primula Paradiso, Primula Perola, Ranunculus Sprinkles and Campanula Florentes.

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