On display at Flower Trials: Primula Touch Me Mini

Primula Touch Me Mini is a genetically compact pot plant that blooms in the winter period. If you are committed to sustainability, this plant is highly recommended. It is a series that really fits a small pot (9 cm – 10.5 cm) and is complete with 5 colours. Touch Me Mini is at display at the Flower Trials.

Genetically compact, a sustainable choice

Primula Touch Me Mini is genetically compact in itself and therefore requires relatively few growth regulators. Thanks to this genetic compactness, Touch Me Mini, compared to similar genetics, is easier to grow in smaller pot sizes.

Primula Touch Me Mini can be grown in a 9 cm (3.5”) – 10.5 cm (4”) pot and relatively few growth regulators are needed! *

Touch Me Mini is therefore a good choice for growers, exporters or retailers who value sustainability.

* This is in accordance with the cultivation guidelines of Schoneveld Breeding and based on Northern European conditions.

Bloomer in the winter period

Primula obconica is one of the few potted plants that blooms in the winter period. It is therefore a good addition for garden centers or retailers who want to offer consumers blooming products during this period. Thanks to the bright and cheerful colours, spring is really introduced to the consumer’s living room!

Did you know that Touch Me Mini, after purchase by the consumer, can last for up to 4 to 5 weeks?

About Touch Me Mini

Touch Me Mini is the small edition of Touch Me that ensures that it is perfectly suitable for efficient delivery and transport. This product is suitable for pot size 9 cm (3.5 “) up to pot size 10.5 cm (4”) and has 5 colours. Dark Orange and Red White were added to our range in 2019.

Our location during Flower Trials

Plant nursery P. van Geest
Herenlaan 21 | 3155 DC Maasland
The Netherlands

About Primula Touch me

Primula Touch Me is the umbrella brand for Primula obconica from the Growers Association Touch Me +. Schoneveld Breeding is one of the members of this growers association. Touch Me is characterized by genetically compact plant structure, uniformity between colours, long shelf life and the fact that this Primula obconica is Primine-free (itch-free).

In the 2019-2020 season, Touch Me consists of 4 different series, which means we can provide all common pot sizes from 9 cm (3.5 “) to 15 cm (6”). Touch Me blooms in the period: October – May (Northern Hemisphere).

In addition to Primula Touch Me, Schoneveld Breeding has the following products: Cyclamen Super Serie, Primula Paradiso, Primula Perola, Ranunculus Sprinkles and Campanula Florentes.


In the Netherlands Primula Touch Me is exclusively produced by the Growers Association Touch Me +. The seeds are freely available outside the Netherlands! Trade and retail in Europe can request the (end) product via Schoneveld Breeding or via one of the growers of Touch Me + growers’ association.

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