Open Days – Primula Paradiso, Primula Perola, Primula Touch Me, Primula Pricanto and Ranunculus Sprinkles

Open Days at Schoneveld Twello, the Netherlands

Schoneveld Breeding is holding various Open Days this winter at its location in Twello, the Netherlands. Because the bloom periods for the different varieties are spread throughout the first months of the year, we will start in week 3 with Open Days for Primula Touch Me and Primula Pricanto.

We will announce the exact weeks soon

Because of the variable bloom period, the exact weeks for Primula Touch Me, Primula Pricanto and Ranunculus will be announced soon. We expect the Primula Touch Me and Primula Pricanto Open Days to be in week 7 and for Ranunculus Sprinkles to be in week 12. If you are interested in seeing our plants in bloom during our Open Days, please contact our colleagues to plan your visit!


Primula acaulis Paradiso Week: 5 and 6
Primula polyanthus Perola Week: 5 and 6
Primula obconica Touch Me Week: 7
Primula obconica Pricanto Week: 7

If you would you like to visit Schoneveld during our Open Days please make an appointment with one of our colleagues.

Jeroen Star :
Diego Poot :
Ton Koers :
Hay Lamers :
Huub van Oorspronk :
Gianfranco de Leo :
Marc van Heijningen :

The following products will be on display:

Primula Touch Me Galaxy and Primula Pricanto are grown in Europe exclusively by the Dutch Growers Association Touch Me+

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