Best for Outdoor is a quality label for products which are best for outdoor use.

Best for Outdoor is the quality label for outdoor cyclamen. Plants bearing this label have been specially selected and are guaranteed to flower for longer. Only those series and colours that meet the Best for Outdoor standard may bear the label.

Best for Outdoor cyclamen are tested extensively outdoors and show the best results year after year. If the results in three consecutive years are good, then the plant becomes eligible to bear the label. The colourful flowers can even tolerate changeable conditions in late summer and a few degrees morning frost in the autumn.

Schoneveld Breeding endeavours to select those varieties for the Best for Outdoor that meet these requirements. Good hardiness of the blooms, very abundant blooms, little plant care, and high ornamental value: the selected Picasso, Carino, Donatello and Verano colours meet all these requirements.

Garden Selections

Packs with the Garden Selections label are marketed exclusively for the fi rst three years and bear the quality label Best for outdoor.

Veranda Selections

The Veranda Selections are the best for outdoor and provide great ease of use and long fl owering pleasure for the consumer. These products are marketed in a recognizable manner.

You can recognise Veranda Selections by the green tray and label.

Series with ‘Best for Outdoor’ label

Cyclamen Super Serie Verano

  • Easy to grow
  • Pot sizes: 6 to 12 cm / 2.5″ to 5″

Cyclamen Super Serie Donatello

  • Silver foliage
  • Pot sizes: 8 to 12 cm / 3″ to 5″

Cyclamen Super Serie Carino

  • Easy to grow
  • Pot sizes: 6 to 12 cm / 2.5″ to 5″

Cyclamen Super Serie Picasso

  • Best mini for outdoor use
  • Pot sizes: 9 to 12 cm / 3.5″ to 5″