Schoneveld breeding, based in Twello until 2018, opened the brand new PlantXperience in Wilp in June 2019.
More than 150 people work in Wilp. Schoneveld breeding breeds and produces cyclamen, primulas, ranunculus and campanulas.


The philosophy of PlantXperience is:

  • The further development of innovation and cooperation
  • To improve the educational level of all involved people
  • Connecting business and people by offering education and inspiration
  • An inspiring collaboration place to share the best kept secret of floristry


PlantXperience is an open and fully available facility:

  • To view behind the scenes of the innovation and production process
  • For (non-)guided individual and group tours
  • With meeting and workshop rooms


For more information please contact:
If you are interested or would like to take a look at this special project, please let us know by filling in the form below.

Schoneveld Breeding
Sluinerweg 15
7384 SC  Wilp
Tel (+31) 571-271717

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