Primula Pricanto

Primula Pricanto has magnificent vintage coloured flowers with a nostalgic edge. This noteworthy Primula obconica exudes ambiance. In addition, this innovative variety has the same characteristics as Primula Touch Me. So the plant also has a strong and compact structure, the blooms are long lasting, and it does not irritate the skin.

For outside Europe we seek opportunities to create added value for this product together with clients. For more information or if you are interested in this product please get in touch with our Sales department.

About Primula Pricanto

  • Species: Primula obconica
  • Pot sizes: 10,5 – 12 cm / 4″ – 5″
  • Blooming period (Northern Hemisphere): October – May
  • Blooming period (Southern Hemisphere): April – November


  • Vintage flower colours
  • Unique flower shape
  • Suitable for 9-12cm pot

Cooperation Touch Me+

In The Netherlands, exclusive for Touch Me +. Outside The Netherlands, freely available.

Available colours