Primula Touch Me Large

Primula Touch Me Large is a strong plant with a genetically compact structure. Touch Me Large scores extremely well on flower life and does not suffer at all during the transport phase. This Primula obconica variety does not contain primin and therefore does not irritate the skin. A great advantage for your employees and for consumers, who can enjoy these plants to the full!

About Touch Me Large

  • Species: Primula obconica
  • Pot sizes: 12 – 15 cm / 5″ – 6″
  • Blooming period (Northern Hemisphere): October – May
  • Blooming period (Southern Hemisphere): April – November


  • Suitable 12 – 15cm pot
  • Strong plant
  • Large plant size
  • Available in 10 bright colours, including Galaxy

Cooperation Touch Me+

In The Netherlands, exclusively for Touch Me +. Outside The Netherlands, freely available.

Available colours