Schoneveld Breeding’s products are a concept among producers and growers. Every day, our products prove the quality of the genetic material. Growers and retailers alike appreciate their strong features such as the abundant and uniform blooms, the round plant structure and central bloom.

The distinctive characteristics of our products are:

• abundant and uniform blooms
• long shelf life
• compact and round plant structure
• thick, firm flower stems

Rich blooming and long shelf life is a quality they all proudly share.

Products from Schoneveld breeding combines strong and rich blooms with a high decorative value. By this characteristics the plants will last long during al fases of the product-chain and offers the consumer the quality it may expect; a long blooming life for indoors and outdoors.

Schoneveld Breeding Products

Cyclamen Super Serie
Primula Touch Me
Primula Original
Primula Perola
Primula Paradiso
Ranunculus Sprinkles
Campanula Florentes

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