Ranunculus and Paradiso – Tips for choosing your potting soil

Pot soil choice Sprinkles, Paradiso and Perola

Preparations for these crops have started again or are now ready. You have made the planning and discussed this with your suppliers. You now have to make an important choice: “Which potting soil will I take?”

The choice depends on your watering system, your potting soil supplier can advise you on the right mixture (depending on your system). Consider the following:

  • The potting soil should have an air content of 16% – 25%
  • 25 kg of clay/m3
  • Use a complete mixed fertilizer with all trace elements be added.
  • Start with an EC of 0.9 mS / cm and a pH of 5.5 – 6.0

The soil must absorb the water easily but also give it off quickly. The top layer must remain dry as much as possible during cultivation, as a result of which Botrytis will have less chance of developing.

The plants only get a few times water in the months of November, December and January. Give a short watering more often, this way the plants will certainly not stay wet for too long.

General tips

Ensure that the greenhouses are properly cleaned in time and that no weeds can grow. Prepare a crop protection plan so that you know when which crop treatment must take place. Discuss this with your crop protection specialist.

For more questions you can always contact our colleague Hay Lamers.

e-mail: haylamers@schoneveld.nl
tel: +31 6 20 88 03 36

*This article is based on Northern European conditions

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