Ranunculus Sprinkles

Sprinkles is a half-height ranunculus which flourishes at relatively cool temperatures. This is a magnificent sight in a pot by the front door or on the terrace, in early spring, just when the last frost has gone. That’s a warm welcome!

We currently have 2 varieties: Ranunculus Sprinkles Original and Ranunculus Sprinkles Dwarf.


  • Firm flower stems and rich flowering
  • Uniformity in height and timing within the colour range
  • Abundant new buds and continual blooms
  • Fine leaf structure

Meet our Ranunculus Sprinkles

Ranunculus Sprinkles Original

  • Limited use of growth regulators
  • Pot sizes: 10,5 to 12 cm / 4″ to 5″

Ranunculus Sprinkles Dwarf

  • Compact, round plant shape
  • Pot sizes: 10,5 – 12 cm / 4″ – 5″