Request trial Primula Touch Me

Our Primula obconica Touch Me is a typical winter flowering pot plant and can be grown at low temperatures, around 59F/60.8F (15/16C). With this product you have one of the few winter flowering pot plants in your product range. The Touch Me is also Primin free, so it will not itch.

Touch Me is well known for its uniform growth and uniform flowering. The flowers have hard colors and Touch Me can flower for more than 30 days!

Primula Touch me Mini
9 cm – 10,5 cm
3.5″ – 4″
Primula Touch me Midi
10,5 cm – 12 cm
4″ – 5″
Primula Touch me Large
12 cm – 15 cm
5″ – 6″
Primula Touch me Pricanto
9 cm – 12 cm
3.5″ – 5″

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