Right timing makes unique large-flowered Super Serie Fusion Large shine

Two-toned flowers never seen before in large-flowered Cyclamen.

Now that Super Serie Fusion Large has entered the market, growing supporter Ton Koers sees new opportunities. He has been supporting growers cultivating products from Schoneveld Breeding for over two decades. The arrival of Super Serie Fusion Large gives a new dimension to his job. “Fusion Large is unique, a large-flowered Cyclamen with a two-toned flower. A product you won’t find anywhere else. There is one thing really important to get the beautiful colour right, and that is timing.”

Ton points out the unique features of Super Serie Fusion Large. “It is the first large-flowered Cyclamen on the market with such a unique colour pattern. There is a clear distinction between the white and pink parts of the flower of Fusion Neonpink, which is available now. When growers choose the right period for sowing and potting, they will get a fantastic result. One which the consumer can enjoy from the beginning of October until the end of December.”

“Growers cultivating Fusion Large, are well-known with our Super Serie XL. Fusion Large looks a lot like it, when speaking about cultivation. It is as easy to grow and the final product is as strong, uniform and rich-flowering. The main difference is the speed. XL is suitable for fall and flowers after 26 to 28 weeks after sowing. Fusion Large needs about 27 to 29 weeks.”

Stable temperatures 
Fusion Large is suitable for all climates, although Ton emphasizes that it shows its best performance in growing and flowering when temperatures aren’t very extreme. “The unique feature of Fusion Large is the clear two-toned flower. When the plant experiences stress, for example, by temperatures above 27 degrees Celsius, you will see that in the colour of the flower.” In hot areas, it is possible to grow Fusion Large together with other large-flowered Cyclamen, the speed of flowering will lower a bit due to the temperature. 

Super Serie top quality 
Both growers and the market were ready for a Cyclamen like Fusion for a while, according to Ton. “Growers who cultivate mainly our Super Serie Cyclamen, like to be able to stay in the same product range. They know they have top quality with the Super Series. And they know they will produce a product that costs relatively little labour. Fusion Large exists out of Super Serie genetics. That means it grows into a uniform, round plant with a remarkable number of buds. The main characteristics are the rich flowering and long shelf life.” 

Having only one colour available of Fusion Large, is no problem at all, according to Ton. “It is the first large-flowered Cyclamen with two-toned flowers. That in itself is so extraordinary, we don’t need to add new colours at first. However, we do have some new colours scheduled”, refers Ton to the two new colours planned for next season. Besides that, the smaller Fusion Midi is ready to enter the market. Midi flowers earlier and gives beautiful colours in the summer. Fusion Midi is available starting next season.

Unique novelty 
Ton is happy with the positive reception of Fusion Large by growers. “They mainly speak of the beautiful, appealing colour of the flowers. It is an easy product for them as well. The only thing I tell all growers, is that they absolutely need to plan carefully. You don’t want to grow Fusion Large in the summer with high temperatures, and you certainly will let it flower no earlier than the beginning of October. When you are too early, the unique colours don’t show themselves. The most important thing is timing. When you get that, you have a novelty that is different from everything available on the market until now.”

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