Sales support

Our sales staff are the people to contact when it comes to selling/buying seeds. They are also supported by regional managers and our product marketing manager.

Besides the order processing department, our regional managers have an increasingly important role to play. We have Regional Managers in various countries and continents. They are the link between Schoneveld and our local clients. Our Regional Managers understand the culture and speak the language of a country, what’s more, they are very knowledgeable about cultivating plants in specific climatic conditions. Furthermore, they are supported by, and often receive visits from, our Sales staff from our head office in Twello, the Netherlands.

Product market combinations

It is our mission to connect all the links in the chain. The product marketing manager also contributes to sales support. He helps us to make the right product-grower-market combinations. We also provide support for retailers, as they play a key role in achieving our ultimate goal, which is to make an inspiring contribution to consumer’s living environment and their enjoyment.