Schoneveld presents innovative products and concepts

During the 2016 Flower Trials this week, Schoneveld Breeding will present innovative products and new concepts. As plant breeder, Schoneveld wants to increase the market return for its partners in the chain by working together, which Schoneveld calls: Connecting the Chains. You will find Schoneveld Breeding in the Samples greenhouse / Presentation room at the FloraHolland location in Honselersdijk, until Friday 17 June.

Connecting the Chains
During the Flower Trials Schoneveld Breeding will clearly explain how this works: working together with partners in the chain to increase the total market return. The breeder does not only do this in the Netherlands, but all around the world. In recent years, as part of this philosophy, Schoneveld has appointed area managers who know and understand the countries they serve. For this reason, in addition to the Schoneveld growing consultants and sales team, you will have the opportunity to meet the area managers Pierre Samson (France), Gianfranco de Leo (Italy) and Jeff McGrew (North America) at the Flower Trials.

Innovations and Concepts
This year the focus is on new introductions and innovative concepts. So in addition to the entire product range, four Schoneveld innovations will be on display: the fringed cyclamen Super Serie Merengue, Glass Tulips winner Super Serie Petticoat, the vintage Primula Pricanto and a brand new Campanula Avida!


On the left: Super Serie Petticoat, on the right: Make-Upz Cyclamen and in the middle the Outdoor Cyclamen: Veranda Selections

The Make-Upz cyclamen were introduced at the Flower Trials last year. Special attention is being paid to this concept again this year. The same applies to Super Serie Mammoth XXL and Veranda Selections. The impressive Mammoth XXL grows from a single seed into a robust cyclamen with a pot size of 30-35 cm and a myriad of flowers. Because for every cyclamen leaf, there’s a cyclamen flower. Veranda Selections, the quality label for outdoor cyclamen, is surprisingly displayed in part of a presentation that Schoneveld also used at the Keukenhof. Then, there is one more unique concept: Christmas and cyclamen. In a spectacular presentation, Schoneveld shows just what a perfect combination this is.


A part of the Christmas presentation with on the background the Veranda Selections 

This is the second year that Schoneveld Breeding shares this location at FloraHolland with Selecta. We look forward to seeing you! You can visit the Flower Trials until Friday 17 June.

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