Super Serie Elegante, the little sister of powerhouse Leopardo

The success of Super Serie Leopardo, Schoneveld Breeding’s heat-tolerant, large-flowered Cyclamen, does not stand alone. The heat-tolerant series of Cyclamen has a strong midi that is now taking over the world: Super Serie Elegante. Gerard Zwiers, head of breeding at Schoneveld Breeding, explains more about the creation of this little sister of Leopardo.

“For some time, there had been a demand from the United States for a midi Cyclamen that flowers a bit faster than we had until then. Especially in warmer climates, we could not yet supply a midi that served the early part of the market. Of course, we have the Carino, but it is a bit smaller. And the Allure, on the contrary, is a bit bigger again.” 

Desired features

So, Gerard and his team had a nice challenge ahead of them. The goal: a uniform, compact plant that flowers richly and does not slowdown in warm conditions. Gerard explains his approach to achieving those traits. “You start searching for new combinations of basic material within the Super Serie. We definitely wanted to deliver Super Serie quality and bring the uniform, compact plant traits into this new product.” 

Super Serie Elegante

The result is the new Super Serie Elegante. A midi Cyclamen with a round plant habit and a midi flower size. A Cyclamen that is also some ten days faster than varieties Schoneveld Breeding has been able to supply so far. In Gerard’s words, “We have created an easy-to-grow, round plant with little work for growers.” 

Extensive testing

Before Super Serie Elegante could be sold commercially, Gerard and his team tested the product extensively in warm climates. “We have a good collaboration with 2 growers in Israel and Italy. The climate there is perfect for breeding for heat tolerance. We already worked with them for Super Serie Leopardo and were also able to test thoroughly for Super Serie Elegante. That testing is always part of the process for Schoneveld Breeding. it is a prerequisite before we actually introduce our products.” 

Green light

When the results in Israel were to our satisfaction, Schoneveld Breeding set up several trials with Italian growers. Soon the green light came and the first growers in the United States were able to start working with Super Serie Elegante. “The plant is really average, actually just not that complicated. Growers have to be careful not to keep it too small, but otherwise it is very easy to grow.” 

Global sales

In the US, growers were enthusiastic. “Now we will start the first season of global sales,” he says. And those 7 colours of that nice average plant? Does Gerard have any plans for that? “I  see a bright future ahead of them,” he says. 

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