Super Serie Fusion: a decade full of development 

Super Serie Fusion is a remarkable addition to the assortment of Schoneveld Breeding. As the first large-flowered Cyclamen with two-toned leaves, it is a novelty in the market. A strong product that evolved from the genetics of the well-known Super Series from Schoneveld Breeding. 


The story of Super Serie Large starts in Japan, where the unique characteristics of Super Serie Fusion are more common. From 2012, the breeders from Schoneveld Breeding have been developing Fusion Large. The flowers with distinctive two colours, were not available in large-flowered Cyclamen before. It was the challenge for head of breeding Gerard Zwiers and his team to combine these features with the strong characteristics of their existing Super Serie lines. Gerard: “We were looking for a two-toned, large-flowered Cyclamen that flowers stably. Next to that, the well-known Super Serie features like uniformity in colours and flowering needed to be kept.” 


Challenging in the development of Fusion Large was the sensitivity to climate. Gerard explains: “When the climate is not optimal, you find neon-coloured flowers instead of bright two-toned. That was an important issue to address.” Growing supporter Ton Koers adds: “The unique thing about Fusion Large is the clearly two-toned colour of flowers. When the plant experiences stress, for example when temperatures rise above 27 degrees, you will certainly see it in the colour of the flower.” 


Ton: “In hot areas, you can grow Fusion Large together with other large-flowered Cyclamen, the speed of flowering will delay a little due to the temperature.” Ton points out the importance of the right timing: “When growers pick the right period for sowing and potting, they will get a fantastic result which the consumer can enjoy from the beginning of October until the end of December.” 

Super Serie quality 

According to the experience of Ton, growers that choose Fusion Large are familiar with Super Serie genetics from Schoneveld Breeding. Ton: “They already know they have top quality. Very often they already grow Super Serie XL. The new Fusion Large is as easy to grow, and the end product is as strong, uniform and rich flowering. The main difference is the speed. XL is suitable for fall and it will flower after about 26 to 28 weeks after sowing. Fusion Large requires about 27 tot 29 weeks.” 

Reactions from growers 

Colleague Dinja Lankhorst, area-manager North- and Central-Europe, also noticed growers liked the addition to a familiar series. “We bring something unique to the market, but at the same time it feels a little familiar.” The reactions from growers are very positive. Ton is happy about that. “They mainly talk about the beautiful, appealing colour of the flowers. And it is not a very difficult product for them”, he says. Where Dinja adds: “What we find most important is that our customers get convinced of our product all by themselves.” 


When the development came further, Schoneveld Breeding set up some trials at different growers in Israel and Italy. Dinja: “On the one hand, that gives a clear picture of the local market and the grower can gain some experience with the product. On the other hand, the specialists of Schoneveld Breeding learn a lot about the performances of Super Serie Fusion in different circumstances by these tests. Together with the technical colleagues, we support growers during cultivation. That is our added value and in the end, the whole chain gains advantage with that.” 

Further development 

Dinja notices that Fusion Large gains much attention. She has positive expectations for the upcoming season. She also sees a bright future for Fusion. “The market demands mainly more colours in Super Serie Fusion Large. At the same time, they ask for a Super Serie Fusion Midi, we are working on that too. Growers can test with Fusion Midi from the season ’24-’25 in 3 colours.” Ton adds: “Fusion Midi flowers earlier in the season and gives a beautiful colour in the summer, earlier than Fusion Large. At the same time, Fusion Large is such a unique product, when you fix the timing as a grower, you have a novelty in hands that’s different from all other products available up until now.” 

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