Sweet Kisses

Sweet Kisses’ seasonal bloomers are committed to creating impulse purchases and maximizing customer satisfaction. These cheerful atmosphere makers provide colour and yield particular in winter, the period in which everyone can use some extra warmth and cosiness.

Because of their beautiful appearance, distinctive product characteristics and attractive packaging, the Sweet Kisses plants immediately attract attention. These benefits are supported with a marketing concept that is fully developed from consumer trends. Resulting in a high turnover rate and a lot of return.

Product range


Primula Touch Me Midi
Primula Touch Me Large
Potmaat: 9 – 17 cm / 3.5″ – 8″


Primula Pricanto
Potmaat: 12 cm / 5″

Cooperation Touch Me+

The driving force behind Sweet Kisses is Touch Me +, a growers’ association who, through chain cooperation, is committed to the quality of these cheerful seasonal bloomers. With independent inspections, the primroses are tested for, among others, durability and flowering, so that you are assured of a product that stays beautiful for a longer time.

For more information

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