Sadrach Talahatu
I look forward to seeing if my selections, hybrids and choices give the results I wish for.
Nienke Heeringa
Medewerker zaaihal
This definitetely isn't an office job. This environment, where else do you find it? Every day I have a beautiful view on the greenhouses. A flowering picture.
Rick Slingschröder
Growing supporter
Schoneveld Breeding is a very unique company in the region. There happens a lot here, it's a very innovative company.
Claudia Menkveld
Working forewoman
The difference with my previous job is huge. At first, I sold the end product. Now I am at the beginning of the production chain.
Koen Pelgrom
Molecular biologist
I wanted to do research, was really looking for a job where I could set the lines for myself and didn't end behind a desk every day. I found that combination at Schoneveld.
Hassan Hadid
Crop protection specialist
Nature doesn't use chemicals, why would we then?
René Janssen
Head of Plantproduction
We have a very innovative closed water system  with customised 'tastes' of water for every crop.
Anja uit den Bogaard
Employee Seed Production
This work is perfect for me. I'm not made to sit still all day, I love working with my hands.