Anja uit den Bogaard
Employee Seed Production
This work is perfect for me. I'm not made to sit still all day, I love working with my hands.

Due to physical problems, working as a kindergarten teacher was no longer possible for Anja uit den Bogaard. She wondered how to get her job happiness back. Anja decided to look at the things that still were possible. She visited the Schoneveld Breeding Talent Day and found out that sitting still all day wasn't necessary at all. Now, Anja enjoys working life to the fullest as an employee in Seed Production.

"I came to the open day to find out if there was work for me that suited my physical restrictions. I had quitted my job as a kindergarten teacher because of hip problems, but I'm not made to sit still all day. During the open day, I joined a tour through the company, talked to enthusiast employees and decided to just go for it. Working in Seed production immediately sounded appealing to me. The work isn't very complicated, but yet very important. I enjoy meeting new people and work in an environment where all ages and cultures come together. Besides that, it was very important to me that the work was physically possible for me."

Main tasks
"My role exists out of 4 main tasks: keeping the plant clean, emasculating, pollinating the plant and harvesting the seeds. It is important to keep the plants clean and healthy, so seed production will be best. Emasculating means removing stamens and pollinating the stamper that remains by hand. A very neat job. We pollinate once a week for a period of ten weeks. In the end, you have ripe pods full of seeds. We pick the pods so the cooperating forewoman can review them. The seeds that are good enough, are sent to the Seed department for further processing."

No stress
"This work exists out of repeated activities. I like that, to be honest. The work is calm and there are no stress or worries. At the same time, every day is different. At the beginning of your shift, you get a spot pointed at as your place for that day. In the planning, there is much attention to the spreading of activities. For example, we end a day often with cleaning the plants, because that's a task that requires less focus. A big part of the day you work on your own at a table, but often we work towards each other. In that way, it is possible to have a little chat during the work."

"I'm being seen, that is nice. Also, the team is great. I never leave to work with reluctance."

Work happiness
"Starting working here was pretty exciting. I was still on the waiting list for a hip operation and was not sure when that would happen. Luckily, nobody at Schoneveld saw that as a problem. I was treated very well during the whole process of operation and revalidation. I am being seen here and can count on the sincere interest of people. My colleagues are all lovely, which gives much joy to my work. Next to that, it is nice that it is possible to shift in your schedule. If you point out hours or days on which you can or cannot work, there is much possible. So, this work is perfect to combine with free time and a family."

Happy to home
"My retirement is not so far away. Until then, I see myself at the tables of Schoneveld. The work is clear, and concrete and you know what is expected of you. I'm very enthusiastic, I brought along several people as colleagues. Going to work with reluctance? Not for me. Time flies and I always leave satisfied and with a happy face."

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