Claudia Menkveld
Working forewoman
The difference with my previous job is huge. At first, I sold the end product. Now I am at the beginning of the production chain.

With an education in horticulture together with over 20 years of working experience in a garden centre, Claudia Menkveld has quite a green thumb. After a moving back from the south of the country, she was looking for a new job in horticulture. "I really much wanted regular working hours, without working on Sundays and still be able to work with plants. As working forewoman at Schoneveld Breeding I found all of that."

"You can divide my function in two parts. I work along with operational tasks in the greenhouse, but the main part of my time is consumed by directing tasks. In busy periods I may have the lead over more than 30 employees. I sort the working areas, control the tasks, check if tasks are registered well and function as point of contact in my department. I try to be close to the employees and will always look for the best fitting spot for everyone."   Claudia Menkveld Working week
"My working week is quite diverse. It depends on the season where the busyness is exactly. Fixed point in my week is the Tuesday morning. That is when I meet with the other fore women and our supervisor. We discuss what's going on in the department and what's about to happen. Some tasks come back every day. For example, I always make a planning for the day, to maintain efficiency in running tasks in the department. Are there new colleagues? Then I'm there to onboard them. Sometimes we work longer hours in busy periods or colleagues come work extra days to get the work done. The spirit in the team is great to see. Everybody wants to get the job done. The team really stands together when it is needed."

"It makes me proud when we get the job done together in busy periods. Extra days, staying longer, everybode stands together when it is need."   

Everything comes together
"I started at Schoneveld Breeding in a different department. When this function became available, I moved internally. I was lucky to get that option. Everything that makes me happy unites in my current job: leading people, working with a living product and developing myself. I learn very much. For example, I didn't knew all practical actions that happen on the workplace. I may have a background in a green business, but something like emasculating and pollinating was new for me. On the same time, I can develop my leadership skills in my current role." Proud
"The diverse group of people whom I work with, gives me energy every day. The variation in my work makes me happy too. I go everywhere in the greenhouse and work along with the physical job. Besides that, I have attention to different processes in the company, the way the overall picture is set up. Schoneveld Breeding is a wonderful company. I am proud of our department, am completely in sync here. I just like it here and see myself working in the greenhouse for many years to come."

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