Koen Pelgrom
Molecular biologist
I wanted to do research, was really looking for a job where I could set the lines for myself and didn't end behind a desk every day. I found that combination at Schoneveld.

It wouldn't be plant for Koen Pelgrom. His fellow students from the botanical department at his HBO study Larenstein in Velp weren't really his type. So he started with molecular biology. "I took a step back from plants and was totally convinced of that choice. Until the time when I became an intern in plant breeding."

"It still puts a smile on my face. Since I was an intern at Wageningen University I worked at several vegetable and fruit crops. For example, I looked for genes that play a role in resistance against diseases. Getting my PhD wasn't what I was looking for. So I started my quest for a job outside the university. I wanted to do research, but was really looking for a job where I could set the lines for myself and didn't end behind a desk every day. At Schoneveld Breeding I was given the chance to do molecular research from scratch. Planning, coordinating, executing and most of all: innovating."

Measurable values
"Now I am using molecular techniques on a daily basis. I use them to support the breeders. I always try to deliver measurable values which gives them an easier way to the needed end product. For example. breeders were working on a new Cyclamen, but they weren't able to get to the next step in development. By developing molecular markers, we discovered that the plants that were set aside by checking them with the naked eye, were exactly the plants that had the right genetics. When given that knowledge, the breeders could act in an early stage of the breeding program and were able to focus on a differente genetical source with the same features."

"Sometimes it is difficult to point out concrete results in my work. Researching is on some moments just have the luck to make the right choice. My work doesn't always results in economical value right away. Sometimes things turn out different than you would expect. Although that can be positive as well. You never know which major discovery you'll run up to. The last years we were working on imaging the genome of Cyclamen. That's challenging and you don't know how something like that will end. It makes me very proud we made it work. It really helps us with al the other tasks we perform in the laboratory."

“Status is not important at all, people strengthen each other. They don't feel threatened."

Working at Schoneveld
"I work a part of my week on external locations. I have a broad network in the research field. When I am at Schoneveld, I always enjoy the atmosphere between collegeaus. No hieararchical pecking order or something like that. We really do the work together. Status is not important at all, people strengthen each other and feel the same. It is always fun with colleagues."

"My work is very various. That gives energy. Besides that, I see progression in what I do. Sometimes my work is really abstract. I feel now I'm longer at Schoneveld, people understand more and more of what I do. For myself, I always saw that I helped Schoneveld. Seeing colleagues realising that more and more gives me freedom. And that's nice, because there are so many chances. Just let me execute them."

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