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Visitors to the annual Cyclamen Open Days were met by a huge splash of colours at the start of their tour. We opened the doors of our greenhouses at the end of October to show what we have. We received visitors in a winter wonderland for a guided tour through the greenhouses. In there, visitors discovered all about our cold tolerant crops, got to know the new two-toned Super Serie Fusion and enjoyed all the beauty we have in our assortment. A short review.

Cold crops
In these times of world-wide energy shortages it is a great advantage to grow crops that require little energy. The cold tolerant Super Serie Mini Winter, Picasso, Macro and Vintro amazed visitors of the Cyclamen Open Days. We developed these crops that require a low energy input. Every single one of them grows out into a high-end quality product. These lines make sure your production can go on during the colder season. Of course, our growing supporters are happy to share the adjusted cultivation protocol with you.

Newcomer to the Cyclamen Open Days was Super Serie Fusion. This large flowered Cyclamen was bred from the well know, strong Super Serie genetics. Fusion is a special highlight with its two-toned flowers. The series start with Fusion Large Neon Pink, a beautiful plant with flowers in distinct pink and white, separated by a hard line. The ideal flowering time is from the end of September onwards. Although Super Serie Fusion is not available commercially yet, samples are already available. Please contact your area manager for more information.

Super Serie Leopardo was, of course, also present during the Cyclamen Open Days. This heat tolerant, large flowered powerhouse is available in 7 colours. Leopardo is easy to grow under warmer conditions. In the mean time, we have learned that Leopardo is mostly stress tolerant, which means this series is also perfect for colder areas. Leopardo has a relatively short production time and is praised worldwide for its strong qualities.

Were you unable to visit the Cyclamen Open Days? In that case, we have a video for you so you can still take a look. Do you want to see our novelties all together? In a five-minute-long informative video you’ll learn more about our cold tolerant crops, Super Serie Fusion and other innovations.

The next edition of the IPM in Essen will take place from 24 to 27 January 2023. There will be a lot of attention again for our cold tolerant crops, Super Serie Fusion and the re-introduction of Petticoat. We look forward to meeting you in January at stand 1E39.

Would you like more information about our products or do you need help with anything else? Please contact your area manager. On our website you’ll find all necessary contact information in an overview:

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