The company

Schoneveld breeding was established in 1930 and specialises in breeding cold-loving pot plants such as Cyclamen, Primula, Ranunculus and Campanula. Our company has grown into a major player. In addition to our more than 180 employees at our location in Wilp, the Netherlands, depending on the season, some 150 employees work at our production location in Tanzania. Strong genetics, sharing expertise and constant innovation are the foundations of our company’s success.

We create strong varieties with high ornamental value and long flower life. We supply our products and services to specialised growers and growers of young plants all over the world.

Our services go much further than just supplying the seeds. A high quality product is a prerequisite, but not a distinctive quality. For this reason, we work together with the entire chain. In this we put the grower centre stage and we provide support in the form of growing recommendations, and marketing and sales support. Our aim is to make an inspiring contribution to consumer’s living environment and their enjoyment. We do this by establishing specific product-grower-market combinations.

We have an ambitious policy when it comes to our employees, innovations and sharing knowledge, and naturally, sustainability is part of our policy. The primary pillars of our policy are commitment to business operations, collaboration, personal development and breeding new varieties with lower environmental impact.