The extraordinary story of Super Serie Fusion Midi

Schoneveld Breeding’s attractive Super Serie Fusion Cyclamen are taking over an increasing share of the market. While Super Serie Fusion Large seeds first became available two years ago, it is now the turn of its smaller sister, Super Serie Fusion Midi, to conquer hearts. Niels Zoetelief, commercial director of Schoneveld Breeding, praises this second product in the Fusion line. “For both grower, retailer and consumer, it really is a top product,” he says.

The origins of Super Serie Fusion lie in Japan. Schoneveld Breeding’s breeders saw opportunities to use the two-colouredness to create an attractive consumer product. “And they succeeded,” Niels says enthusiastically. “We have combined the quality of our existing Super Series Cyclamen with the unique characteristics and can now deliver a special Cyclamen with striking looks.” 

Strong and uniform

Using Super Serie quality means ensuring a compact, round plant with many flowers on sturdy stems. A genetically strong product that is long lasting and flowers uniformly. Those qualities make Super Serie Fusion Midi a solid Cyclamen that is easy to grow, just as easy as the well-known Super Serie Allure. “It gives the grower a relatively uncomplicated product,” Niels says. He points especially to its uniformity. “That is a huge strength of Fusion Midi. They almost all flower at the same time, so the waste rate at picking is very low. 

High yield

Niels: “Fusion Midi is also excellent for growing early in the season. The 2-tone colour and especially the contrast between the two colours remain sharp, even when grown earlier in the season.” Combining Fusion Midi and Fusion Large also allows growers to serve more segments. And there is very little waste during picking. Combined with the special colours of the flowers, the overall result is that growers can easily charge a premium price for their plants. “So the returns are high,” Niels summarises. 

Stimulate impulse buying

Schoneveld Breeding feels involved in the whole chain, from small seed to full-grown product in the consumer’s home. “For that reason, we always pass on to growers that Fusion Midi deserves a separate place on the shelf at the retailer, the next link in the chain,” he continues. “Fusion Midi is a product that stands out because of its unique, two-toned petals. If you put that on a shelf with several products, it quickly fades away. But Fusion is so attractive precisely because of its unique colours. If retailers provide a distinctive presentation, they stimulate impulse purchases. The whole chain benefits from this. 

Added value

Niels points out the added value Schoneveld Breeding aims to deliver in all its work. “Growers growing Fusion for the first time can count on practical and expert cultivation protocols as well as regular contact with our Growing Support team. But it doesn’t stop there for us. We also think about yields and sustainability. Fusion Midi is the perfect example. An easy-to-grow product that has little waste, can be sold at a good price and stays beautiful for a long time. How much value do you want in a single product?”  

Fusion Midi is available in three colours: Neon Pink, Violet and Wine Red.

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