The Sprinkles and Paradiso cultivation season is just around the corner


Preparations are already underway for cultivating Ranunculus and Primula acaulis. We hope you have selected Primula acaulis and Ranunculus varieties that suit your business situation and cultivation methods.
Our Paradiso Early Mid, Mini and Late are ideal if you want to grow large quantities that will be ready to market quickly. Paradiso is compact and grows steadily and will require relatively little growth regulator during cultivation.

Sprinkles is a half-high variety with fine leaves and uniform growth and blooms, this crop will require several doses of growth regulator during cultivation—150 g Daminozide 85% per 100 litres of water.
Sprinkles Dwarf is new this year and is ideal for growers who want to considerably reduce the amount of growth regulator they use. The plants remain compact and grow into beautiful full plants. If necessary, at the end of cultivation, regulate growth once with 7-10 ml Propiconazole per 100 litres of water to prevent the flower stems from becoming too long.

Potting on:

The first Primula acaulis can be potted on from week 32 and the first Ranunculus from week 39
– Start the cultivation in a clean environment and clean the materials and benches thoroughly.
– Use an airy substrate with clay that is suitable for your watering system. Discuss this with your potting compost supplier.
– Fill the pots to the brim (remember that potting compost always shrinks after the first watering)
– Place the top of the plug at the same level as the substrate

Fertilization and watering:

After potting on, water the plants from above so that the plugs make good contact with the compost. Water from above until the roots reach the edge of the pots. Then only water from below using a mixed fertilizer containing trace elements and make sure it includes calcium and iron. In the first 6-8 weeks you can include potassium nitrate once or twice in the water gift with an EC of 1.3 mS/cm so that the plants have sufficient calcium available for the dark months to come.
Note: Ranunculus should not be grown too dry (minimum level 3, see table) and requires regular fertilisation.
Take a soil sample every 4–6 weeks.


Do not close the screen installation too early. Set the screen for a light level of 550 Watt/m², 198 Joule/cm², 50 KLux, 5130 Foot Candle. Reduce the light level by 10% during the day between 11:00 and 14:00.


As soon as the plants begin to touch each other, spread them out a little.

Crop protection:

Check the Primulas and Ranunculus regularly for mildew and insects. Contact your crop protection specialist for information about the right treatments and concentrations.

Should you have any questions arising from these cultivation tips, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Growing Support, call our general number +31 571 271 717 or send us an e-mail:

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