Three times Cyclamen Super Serie with winners Benchmark Cyclamen

Every year Glastuinbouw Nederland organizes the Cyclamen Benchmark with breeders of Cyclamen. The benchmark is a shelf life competition and is carried out by Royal FloraHolland.

Growers can submit plants for 3 categories: mini, midi and large-flowered. For each entry, a batch of 6 plants is supplied, consisting of a minimum of 4 colours and the maturity stage with which it normally goes to the customers.

The submission must state which breeder and series are concerned. However, this is not mentioned in the shelf life test so that the jury is not affected.

The winners of Benchmark Cyclamen 2019 are:
1. KQ Plants with Super Serie Mini Winter
2. M.C.M Enthoven with Super Serie Macro
3. Kwekerij de Rijke with Super Serie XL

All submissions undergo a transport simulation of 5 days where they are put in the dark at 15ºC with a Relative Humidity of 75%. This is followed by a sales simulation of 4 days and the Cyclamen are assessed for 3 weeks in the consumer phase.

The above-mentioned Growers and Cyclamen have been declared the winners because these Cyclamen looked the best after the trial period. Carino van Kwekerij Apartus was second in the Mini’s. Jan van der Knaap was third in the catagory: “Large-flowered” with Super Serie Mammoth.

About the winning series

Mini Winter

Mini Winter is suitable for pot sizes 9 cm / 3.5 “- 10.5 cm / 4” and currently has 19 colours. Mini Winter blooms from November to February and is known for its winter quality.


Macro is suitable for pot sizes 10.5 cm / 4 “- 15 cm / 6” and currently has 23 colours. Macro blooms from December to March and is, just like Mini Winter, known for its winter quality.


XL is suitable for pot sizes 11 cm / 5 “- 15 cm / 6” and currently has 18 colors. XL blooms from May to December.

Do you have questions about our Cyclamen Super Serie? Then please contact us or view the Cyclamen at IPM in Essen (Hall 2 – 2B17).

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