Various trials on display at our Cyclamen Open Days 2019

During the Cyclamen Open Days of Schoneveld breeding, visitors can view three different trials. It concerns a potting soil trial, fertilization trial and an inhibitor trial. The progress of the trials and our advice on this can be discussed during your visit to the Cyclamen Open Days in week 43 up to and including week 45.

Potting soil trial

In this experiment we are testing another pot soil that should give better drying during cultivation. The composition is also more homogeneous than our existing potting soil, which may result in a better pot filling, which gives more equality in cultivation.

Fertilization test

Research in 2017 and 2018 has shown that the shelf life of Cyclamen is influenced by the method of fertilization. In both years it appeared that a decrease in EC during cultivation showed the best shelf life. We will try to demonstrate this again in the 2019 study. We also try to further improve the shelf life in the consumer phase by adjusting the EC.

Inhibitor test

Many inhibitors such as Tilt may no longer be used in the future. In this research alternative means are tested, a number of which are more sustainable. The performance of the inhibitors is compared to the braking with Tilt, which we apply to Cyclamen.

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